1 powerful manoeuvre to solve many problems

Sometimes, at the root of overwhelm is:

1️⃣ core fear that you’re trying to avoid.

That’s why 1on1 coaching sessions with me are sometimes spent mining for your core “worst-case scenario”.

💡 Sometimes, the “undesirable behaviour” you want to address...

🏃🏼‍♀️ Is happening as a result of subconsciously trying to avoid some “worst-case scenario”

💎 Once we’ve mined out what it is that you’re most trying to avoid…

✨ Now we can go about easing your fear of that outcome,

🙌 So that you’re no longer behaving reactively & undesirably from your primal fear,

🧠 So, with your more balanced, calmer, less fearful mind…

🦋 You can instead consciously choose how to respond & behave from your more modern, higher brain being the home of voluntary, consciously chosen behaviour.

🔍 Identifying, understanding & taking the edge off your worst fear,

😍 Can help you better engage in creating outcomes you do want,

😌 From a calmer more balanced mind.

✨ That’s why I frequently focus on going to work on a client’s core fear.

🔥 Sometimes, there’s 1 manoeuvre you can do that has the power to shift many other problems.

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