1 powerful step to more life satisfaction

Are you craving more certainty, structure and stability? Perhaps a sense of more clarity and control in your life?

Having spent thousands of hours on the phone to coaching clients, I've noticed 1 thing that can really make or break a person's sense of life satisfaction.

What's that 1 thing?

It's the existence of a North Star, i.e. a specific goal or vision to focus on, work towards, and measure progress or achievement against.

Without a clear end goal in mind, each daily decision can feel confusing and overwhelming. We can experience an uncomfortable sense of drifting aimlessly and wasting our lives.

All this inner angst can very often be resolved by uncovering a: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely (i.e. SMART) goal.

The relief a client expresses when they finally have some clear goal to focus on and pursue is often palpable. You can almost feel a wave of stress spontaneously lift off their shoulders.

Having a clear goal to work towards, gives you a sense of certainty and allows your day to day decision making to become much easier.

Once you have identified your goal (a guiding North Star), every decision can now be filtered through the question: is this thing on the way to my North Star goal? Or is this a distraction from achieving that goal?

You might find that for the sake of your life satisfaction and inner peace, it's better to have any goal, than no goal at all.

If you're not quite sure where you're heading and what goal you want to move towards, well, in an ideal world you would book in some coaching calls with me and we can work that out together. However, if working with a coach is not on your agenda right now, then I would recommend at least having a go at setting some goal, any goal - just choose something (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely - SMART), and get in motion on the way to that.

Clarity comes while in motion: often, while on the way to a goal, we discover new things, perspectives, opportunities and interests along the way to achieving that goal which causes us to edit, refine or change our goal to a more accurate fit.

That newly discovered clarity, that allows you to arrive at a more accurate goal, only came because you were in motion on the way to some goal. So, choose something. Get in motion. Then allow more clarity to refine your goal as you move in motion.

What's the key takeaway here?

=> Relief and life satisfaction often comes from having some goal to work towards and to measure progress against.

It's not about choosing the right goal, it's about getting in motion towards something.

So choose a goal, even if it doesn't feel quite right. It's better to be in motion on the wrong goal, than stuck in indecision.

Having a goal gives us a sense of purpose, meaning, certainty, achievement, growth and progress.

If you would like some help in uncovering an inspiring, personalised, values-based goal to work towards, then jump on a free discovery call with me to find out about 1on1 coaching with me.

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