3 Juicy Love Stories On The Podcast + A Note On Critics

Wow, what a fun week it has been friends :)

Let me get right into the juice.

I have recorded and published 3 super valuable, super engaging, interesting, diverse, fun and insightful podcast episodes (I.e. love story interviews), as follows:

  • Ep #3) Elise (me!) + James Peck-How We Met (this is the story of how my husband and I met back in the year 2006, and how we became a partnership). Here's a tiny snippet of this episode:

  • Ep #4) Jana Kingsford-23 Years of Honeymoon-ish Energy (this is an incredible story of love starting from the teenage years with not a cent to their name, to now an epic love story with amazing chemistry that has continued to flourish for over 23 years now, plus a crazy abundant level of living now! It's a true from zero to hero story of transformation, determination, grit & love)

  • Ep #5) Anna Swoboda-Fun Led to Love (this is an incredible story of over 1000 first dates, self-discovery, finally deciding to let go, surrender, trusting the process... which led to an incredible love story, where Anna realised she didn't actually have to change or be anything different to get the love she wanted... that who she was, was the perfect match for her perfect person. Lots of fun, wisdom, and insights in here from Anna who is also a relationship coach and a matchmaker).

And more love stories to come!!

Also, if you know anyone with a beautiful romantic relationship in their life, please encourage them to book in a podcast interview with me here so that I can feature their story on the podcast and we can learn from their journey. Success leaves clues. Each story has juicy wisdom and insights contained within.

To get any result, it's such a great idea to spend time around people who already have the result and to understand their mindset and journey to getting that result in their life...

hence why I felt inspired to bring you a podcast collecting wisdom from people who already have the result of having the love they want in their lives.

On a totally different note, today, while scrolling, I came upon this quote:

Which inspired me to share the quote on instagram with the following caption:

"I scrolled past this quote today and it gave me a giggle.

To be honest, I'm not feeling criticised today or in recent times (perhaps I'm not successful enough haha), but I do hear many clients grapple with the fear of criticism.

So this is for anyone feeling critiqued today...

One rule I live by is to only take note of "feedback" from those who are actually in the arena, also putting themselves out there, standing in the fire of being truly seen without their mask on, baring their soul in the pursuit of being of service to others... those willing to put themselves in the firing line with the intent of pulling others up and into the light.

Those are the people I take insight, feedback and constructive criticism from.

For anyone else, I decide well that thought pattern is creating your life and your results... and I don't desire your life or results, so Imma leave that comment in your energy field, and not let it into my bubble.

Honouring anyone baring their soul with the intent to be of service to others today. You're a legend in my books ❤️"

Ok, that's my update for today. Thanks for reading along.

I highly recommend listening along to the podcast interviews for a fun journey into the minds of how people met their life partner and came to have the love they want.

With love & belief in you,

Elise Peck

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