7 Fresh Love Stories on "Love, with Elise Peck" Podcast

The wind is certainly behind the new "Love, with Elise Peck" podcast.

7 new episodes were recorded and published this past week, with many more in the pipelines... and these episodes are QUALITY!!!

Incredible stories of enduring, inspiring love... and we dive into how these people got this great love in their life.

We journey into their mindset right before they met their life partner, what it was like meeting them for the first time, how things progressed to becoming a committed couple, and many proposal stories in the mix too!!

Enter the love bubble with us on this podcast, and elevate your energy by listening to people "living in the end" of having the love they want in their life.

Here's a summary of what's available for you to immerse yourself in and learn from, right now:

  • Ep #6) Anna Campbell-Give Love A Go & Let It Grow: For this episode I chat with Anna Campbell, who is 17yrs into a delicious romance with her husband. Today their connection is strong and deep, they have 3 children together, and have grown together through all the ups and downs of life. This is a beautiful story of love, and just some super super juicy valuable relationship wisdom from the mouth of someone who has SO much love in their life. Enjoy!

  • Ep #7) Ly Aunapu-Love Over Fear: For this episode I chat with Ly Aunapu, who unexpectedly stumbled upon love in India over 6years ago, and now they have a baby on the way. This is a story of self-care, healing, leading with the heart, overcoming fear and taking radical bold, brave action, moving countries for love… even when the head wanted to get lost in overthinking. Ly has a beautiful warm energy and also shares how her journey with hair loss due to alopecia allowed their love to grow even deeper. Enjoy!

  • Ep #8) Brenda Pearce-32 Years of Fun, Laughter & Love: For this episode I interview Brenda Pearce about her 32year relationship with her late husband. Their relationship was filled with fun, laughter, a shared love of trucks, moving from city life to country life, of course the normal relationship conflicts, adversity, and just so much fun & team work… two people wanting to make it work & laughing together. This is a fun episode, with some funny Aussie (Australian) sayings thrown in the mix, and a funny story about how so many men at the time had the name "Dick"!? Enjoy :)

  • Ep #9) Mélanie Oldham-Honour Yourself: For this episode I interview Mélanie Oldham who was born in France and moved to Australia 10yrs ago. We journey through how she met her husband in outback Western Australia as a backpacker, and learn incredible wisdom on honouring yourself, manifesting, seeing the other person as a mirror, divine timing, saying no to situations that aren’t compatible with you, how life rewards your courage when you choose you, masculine & feminine energy, knowing your worth, flowing like water, following what feels good, moving through different life chapters, living in the end and so much more… This is such an enjoyable, inspiring story of love, self-love, growth & more. Enjoy!

  • Ep #10) Antonia Balazs-Love After 40 + Kundalini: For this episode I speak with Antonia Balazs, a warm, effervescent down-to-earth relationship coach who uses the ancient wisdom of kundalini to help women in midlife ignite intimacy and passion in their marriage, as we explore how she met her husband in her 40s. We also discuss balancing your masculine & feminine polarities, the gift of painful romantic relationships and heartbreak, moving towards seeing the gift in the deeper connection and slower pace of love and intimacy that develops past the infatuation phase and so much more. There's also a couple of interesting British sayings in here. Enjoy!

  • Ep #11) Nashee Stubbings-Honesty Is Key: For this episode, I interview Nashee Stubbings, about how she met her husband, who she’s been with for almost 14 years now. This episode explores many topics from breaking up with the wrong thing, moving forward when your heart is still in love with the wrong person, how her husband's "realness" brought her walls down, to Fly-In-Fly-Out work, to getting engaged, child birth, being real, not playing any games, honesty & communication… also a story of comfort & ease, plus how wonderful it is to be “in the love bubble”. A wonderful story and lots of inspiration & wisdom too. Enjoy!

  • Ep #12) Leah Stanistreet-18yrs of Love, Fun & Teamwork: For this episode I interview Leah Stanistreet about her 18yr long relationship with her husband… and find out how they met, how they became a couple, what her mindset was like right before she met the love of her life, some discussion on feminine energy, on living your life true to you and for you, on creating a relationship culture of teamwork, on the importance of playing and having fun together… and so much more! Enjoy!

And the best news is... there's so many more love stories to come!!!

What an exceptional way to spend our time: being students of love, immersed in the energy of people vibrating with the frequency of love.

Where your focus goes, energy flows.

Listening along to this podcast is a sure way to increase your oxytocin and feelings of love... and to also soak in the mindset, wisdom and insights that led these relationship masters to getting and keeping the love they want.

I plan to collect alllllllll the inspiring love stories, so that we have a truly remarkable, diverse and inspiring range of love stories. My hope is to acknowledge those who have created magnificent love in their lives, and to inspire those who would love to welcome even more love into their life.

If you know someone with a beautiful romantic love relationship in their life, please encourage them to book in a podcast interview with me (click here to book) so that we can all marinate in their love story, feel the love, and also learn from their journey.

Success leaves clues. Love leaves clues.

One of the best success principles I have found is to find people with the result I want, and to soak in as much of their mindset on the topic as possible.

Also, I encourage you to join the conversation and leave your take aways, ah-has, and comments in the comment section below.

With gratitude,

Elise Peck

P.s. If you would love to take your love life, and/or life in general to the next level, book in your free strategy call with me now to learn more about what personal coaching with me might do for you.

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