Authentic Intimacy + Belonging

Updated: Nov 23

A few years ago I felt just totally done with #peoplepleasing.

I was done with wearing a mask, I was done with saying what people wanted to hear, I was done with saying “yes” when I really just wanted to say “no”.

I wanted more #love and #connection.

I wanted people to know the “real” me.

I wanted to just say what I was really thinking #nofilter

I wanted to belong to myself.

I wanted to be #authentic… and damn the consequences!!!

People could lump it or leave it, was my thought at the time.

I was too burnt out and exhausted to care anymore.

And so... the pendulum swung and I dropped intense interactions all over place.

Bam: from being a “yes of course” person, to burning down the whole village.

Except, I discovered something… that approach didn’t bring me the connection and #belonging I wanted either.

Yes, true, I did belong to myself… but gosh I still yearned and yearned for more connection with other humans.

Even though I was “belonging to myself”, speaking my truth and being “authentic”, I still felt lonely.

What had I missed?

Why still the longing and loneliness?

You see… I had missed a critical step in doing “the work”.

I had done #thework to discover myself, be myself, and to accept myself.

But, I hadn’t done “the work” to build the interpersonal skills that provide the #emotionalsafety for other people to feel they could also share themselves with me…

instead, my “authentic” truth, scared others into closing down and being defensive…

Which is not the foundation upon which connection can be built.

True #intimacy requires providing the safety for other people to feel they can also share themselves with me… there must be space for me to be me, and them to be them… so we can both connect at an authentic, intimate level.

When I made the interactions all about me and my truth, I built a wall… closing out the possibility of being allowed into the hearts of others…

My "unfiltered truth", was blocking mutual intimacy.

And, so, I realised:

it’s not enough to embrace your truth, you also need to learn how to message your truth in a way that makes other people still feel safe and connected with you…

we must develop the #interpersonalskills to be able to message our "truth" in a way that creates connection...

We can learn to speak in a way that welcomes people into knowing and connecting with our authentic truth...

Which, in the end, actually gets us the outcome we always wanted. To feel understood. To feel seen. To feel known. To feel authentically connected.

Your truth is beautiful... and people are able to actually be with it, witness it and connect with it (and you!) when it is channeled through the skillset of connecting conversation skills.

We need, yes know thyself, and also communicate thyself in an interdependent way that fosters mutual connection and intimacy.

Which is why I support my 1on1 clients with both:

  1. the inner work and,

  2. the outer skillset work,

that is required to create true love and belonging in their life.

So, that their life can finally overflow with the love that their heart has been yearning for.

So that the desperate "itch" for belonging, can finally feel "soothed".

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With gratitude,


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