Change your energy, change your life

Have you ever noticed how like attracts like, or birds of a feather flock together?

There's something very real about resonating with and "attracting in" people on the same frequency as you. Resonate energy seems to gravitate to itself.

As I continue on my ever evolving self-growth journey, I continue to be mind-blown as to the different new people and opportunities entering my life.

These days I seem to meet many people who also speak about "mindset", "energy", "healing", the "law of attraction", "manifesting" etc...

This didn't used to be my reality. I used to feel like the one strange "out there" person for talking about such things. That's back when I was aware of the knowledge but I wasn't an "embodiment" of it. It's wonderful to now be resonating on the frequency of other people who are also embodying this knowledge.

It's as though we can only connect with some people, once we are existing on the same wavelength as them... which is quite an empowering concept, really, because that means that there is this incredible power available within you:

  • to master your energy,

  • to determine your frequency,

  • which will change your life,

And all of this can be achieved with the power of your mind.

Yes, your mind is a powerful energy moulding machine

(should choose to you learn how to be the master of it).

A little background:

I've been immersed in a personal development journey for as long as I can remember... it initially started with success mindset principles from dance teachers, sports coaches and my parents.

For example:

  • I was encouraged from a young age to visualise the results I wanted to achieve. As we were driving to dancing (calisthenics) competitions, my mum would play the dance performance music in the car so that I could rehearse my performance in my mind and see myself performing it to perfection... with everything going smoothly.

  • She would also advise me to keep my distance from those who might try to say things to throw my mind off balance before my performance.. in other words, to be cautious about the information I was letting into my mind prior to performing.

  • My dad would also often speak to me about the power of the mind, and tell me about how important positive self-talk is.

  • One particular dancing (calisthenics) coach would also constantly inundate us with these mindset slogans, empowering statements, and give us these tremendous pep talks before we went on stage. We also had a chant we would recite every time, right before going on stage, to "anchor" us into performance mode ("lock your knees, ooze and project, get out there and kill'em" - we would shriek this statement out together as a team... it was like a war cry that initiated warrior mode in us).

  • I was a peak performer in dancing and calisthenics growing up. I won everything at the highest level that you can go to in the sport "calisthenics" (the highest level being "championship" level), and I later went on to be a paid professional dancer, performing on tv, on catwalks, travelling internationally for amazing gigs and dancing at exclusive high profile vip events... until I retired from dancing to focus on getting through law school.

From around 18 years of age onwards, I took this mindset journey even deeper, diving into all things self-development.

I achieved phenomenal outcomes using the power of the mind (i.e. affirmations, visualisation, reading books etc)...

yet I was totally unprepared for just how magical things would get, when I discovered tools to work at the level of "energy".

Becoming an architect of your own energy & frequency opens up an entirely different level of personal growth.

I now look back and realise, all that "mindset work", the "words", the "visualisation".... a major reason why they "worked" was due to the impact they had on my energy. Those tools were a gateway to changing how I felt energetically on a particular topic.

They shifted my inner world to a frequency of more self-belief, certainty, confidence, inspiration and trust.

I now realise it was the altered "feelings", "emotions" and the energetic "frequency" I was embodying and emitting, that was creating my results.

That's why two people can say the same words, and it only yields a desirable result for one person... because those words carry a meaning to one person, that has a certain impact on their emotions (emotions = energy in motion)... whereas those same words can do something totally different to another person.

That might be why "mindset" work doesn't work well and consistently for everyone... and why some people prefer books such as "the subtle art of not giving a fuck", over the "positive thinking" style personal growth books. Because it takes different words for different people, to get the same required shift in energy for desirable results to manifest.

Focusing on shifting someone energetically, however... yields more desirable results, more consistently, than generic affirmations and mindset work.

If you want to begin experimenting with the power of energy, you might like to try beginning a daily meditation practise, or adding a morning walk into your morning, or adding in some Emotional Freedom Technique (aka "tapping") I.e. add something into your day that elevates or "shifts" your energy... something that puts you into a more inspired or content feeling state... then notice how your life begins to shift when you intentionally cultivate that feeling more of the time.

One of the most powerful ways to change your life, is to simply add more activities into your day that elevate your energy, and to remove more activities that drain your energy.

Working at the level of energy is more powerful than anything else I've tried... which is why I tend to believe that the greatest value I can give my 1on1 coaching clients, is to show up to their calls in the energetic frequency of the results they desire... to show up in the energy of "alignment".

The energy of "alignment", for me, feels like a simultaneous mix of curiosity, play, energy, gratitude, excitement, inspiration, pleasure, stillness and presence.... like there's nowhere else to be but right in this very moment... and there's nowhere else you would want to be, because the current moment is so satisfying and feels easily worthy of allll your attention. It's a feeling as though this very moment is a source of more energy.

These days, since doing a lot of personal work at the "energetic" level, I can be mid conversation with someone and I get an energetic sensation of "alignment" rush through my body.

Existing at this level of noticing sensations, being aware of feeling "alignment", being mindful of energy (i.e. noticing if something is giving me energy, or draining my energy), is an entirely different realm... that I have found to yield often mystical results.

Perhaps this all sounds vague, strange, a bit woo woo, or hard to comprehend what this energy moulding actually is? The deeper I go into personal development, the more I begin to understand why historically some things are shared as stories or parables. Literal explanations sometimes aren't the easiest way to decode, digest and absorb, are they?

That's why I offer 1on1 coaching, because the processes and coaching tools I use will shift your energy, without you having to fully understand how it all works. We alchemise and elevate your energy using alllll the things... the visualising, the new meanings, the feelings, the elimination of blocks, the energetic exchange and alchemy from us connecting and holding your vision and intention together... it's a powerful energetic container.

Is there something you want to manifest?

A different way you'd like to feel more of the time?

A life you'd love to live?

A result you'd love to create?

Book your free strategy call with me now so that we can discuss elevating your energy to change your life.

With care,


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