Do this when you want to quit or lack motivation

Do you ever get really excited at the beginning of something new, and then a few months later want to quit?

Some of us can be strong starters. We love the excitement of something new. The potential. The possibilities. The freshness of new beginnings!

And then, ultimately, we reach a plateau, become bored and want to quit on the goal.

Sometimes changing directions is certainly warranted and wonderful.

However, if you have a pattern of wanting to quit on everything as soon as it gets boring or hard or uncomfortable - then this one is for you!

To break this pattern, it's important to become disciplined with returning to your "WHY" whenever you reach the "hard" or "boring" parts of goal attainment.

Every goal comes with the price of admission. Most things worth having often have an uncomfortable, difficult or boring middle to persist through, before arriving.

If we want the "glory", then we must be willing to persist through the "guts" of the journey.

So - in those moments where you forget why you even started when you want to quit when you think it's pointless continuing: return to your WHY.

Ask yourself: "why was this goal important to me?", "Why did I begin this?", "Why did I start this", "why is achieving this important to me?", "what is achieving this ultimately going to get me or allow me to do?"

Keep going with the "why" style questions until you connect with the feeling of inspiration that originally made you want to start the pursuit of that pathway in the first place.

When the why is big enough, a person will become endlessly motivated and resourceful.

So, when inspiration or motivation is lacking, when you want to quit - have a decision journal session with yourself, really going deep on "why" this pathway or goal was even ever considered worthy by you in the first place.

Boil up that "why" to stoke the fires of your motivation and inspiration once more.

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