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Have you ever witnessed two people doing the exact same thing, action and strategy-wise, yet you're so drawn to one person and not the other?

As an example, I really LOVE dancing along to Kyle Hanigami's choreography on YouTube. The vibe is a room full of highly skilled, professional dancers, who perform incredible choreography created by Hanigami. The featured dancers have all picked up the moves, can remember and "perform" the same moves...

yet you are just magnetically drawn to some dancers, repelled by other dancers, and barely notice other dancers to the point where if someone later mentioned that dancer you couldn't even recall having seen them dance.

So, the other day I was dancing along to Kyle Hanigami's Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" choreography clip on YouTube, when I pointed out my "favourite" dancer doing the choreography to my husband. He asked me, so "what makes her stand out to you, how come she's so fun to watch?".

My answer was "because some people are up in their head, remembering the moves or focusing on trying to dance the moves perfectly, whereas she has transcended that level and is at a level of mastery where she makes it look effortless and fun... she IS the moves. She's surrendered into "being" the moves, you can tell she knows them and is now just having fun with them. There's an energy of play, embodiment, fun, satisfaction and surrender. Like she's dancing it for the joy of it. She was "being" the moves, rather than "performing" the moves."

And this really applies to everything.

Have you ever had emails, phone calls, SMS', DMs, even "likes" on social media land with you, and you could just "feel" that the energy was off with one person, yet someone else could be taking the exact same steps, following the exact same strategy, and yet you feel open to them? Even though technically, they're both doing the exact same thing?!

As an example, as a life coach, I can't begin to tell you the amount of "business coaches" that pursue me and try to convince me that I need "their" coaching, and "their" strategy. Honestly... I am this close to blanket banning all business coaches for coaches at this point haha... having said that, though, there are a handful whose energy I do feel open to.

Interestingly, one of the business coaches I did feel a resonance with, recently announced she was moving on from business coaching to embodiment coaching... which was really no surprise, as I could always feel she had a different resonance to other business coaches.. she was on a more soulful wavelength, then a "strategy" wavelength. There was a warmth, genuineness and love in all her communications that just energetically came across.

So, even when she was a business coach (and I already have business coaches and am not in the market for more), I still read her content and felt aligned and open to her energy.

Also, when it came to originally choosing who I did want to invest in as a business coach, I found them, from a google search, watched one video on their website, felt an energetic resonance in that video, and decided based on that.

People decide with emotion (and energy!), and justify with logic.

The energy felt in your communication, is far more potent than your strategy... from my experience as a consumer making purchases. You could be making complete logical sense, you could be totally "smart" and "right", and even seem to understand my "problem" and have a "solution", with a perfectly valid strategy... but if the energy feels "off" to me, I won't invest.

What is the point I'm trying to make here?

The point I am trying to make is that two business coaches could be applying the exact same strategy and making the exact same "moves", but one feels off... and the other feels like they are genuinely coming from an abundant flow of service, warmth and love.

Just the same as two dancers can make you feel very different emotions, while performing the exact same routine.

Energy matters.

The wavelength you operate from matters.

The intention and energy behind your actions matters.

And this applies in attracting relationships...

Two feminine energy clients can make the same actions in relation to a masculine energy they're interested in, yet one will come across as being in masculine pursuit and repel the masculine energy, and the other will come across as being in feminine energy and draw the masculine in.

What's most important is the energy behind the action, rather than the action.

Is the action coming from an abundant flow of alignment & inner inspiration... a calm "knowing"?

Is the action so aligned that you feel totally unattached to how the other person responds, because at the end of the day you know you were true to you and you embodied your truth? Are you so comfortable with how you showed up and know it was so authentically YOU, that if the other person doesn't respond well or doesn't reciprocate, that it can only mean that the other person is not an aligned match for authentic you?

Or, is the energy coming from need, lack, proving, scarcity, domination, aggression, and seeking to "get" something from the other person? Is the action urgent, frantic, panicked and impulsive... or is it calmly and abundantly coming from an overflow of love and connection?

When we move from fear, we create and attract more fear.

When we move from abundance and love, was create and attract more love.

This is where getting our mind calm as often as possible helps, so that we can "be" in our body, and so our body feels like a juicy, flowy, abundant, lovely place to be... and then we can intentionally and calmly take actions from that place... creating and attracting more of the same. Because, like attracts like. Birds of a feather, flock together.

Those vibrating as love, enjoy also being around others vibrating as love, and will tend to move away from those vibrating as scarcity... because the energy just won't "feel" right.

If you would love to upgrade your energy, so that your actions are received in the energy and vibration of love and abundance, you're welcome to book a free 1on1 strategy call with me here.

I would love to now hear from YOU in the comments below. Do you also "feel" and notice other people's energy? Can you sense a resonance with one person over another even though they are both applying the same strategy or making the same moves? Can you sense if someone is energetically "aligned" to you?

Like attracts like.

Be the energy you want to attract more of.

With love and belief in you,


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