How to be more emotionally balanced

🤔 Do you ever find yourself thinking “I wish I was more like X person”, or “I should be more like Y”?

🧠 The Self-Discrepancy Theory provides that:

🌸 When we compare our “actual” self to some “ideal” self that we think we’d like to be… we experience dejection related emotions (🖤 e.g. disappointment, sadness & dissatisfaction); and

🌸 When we compare our “actual” self to some identity that we think we “ought” to be… we experience agitation related emotions (🥵 e.g. fear, anxiety, threat)

In summary,

🖤 Comparing who we currently are to some fantasy we think we should be, encourages depressive type feelings, &

😵 Comparing who we currently are to who we think others & society thinks we ought to be, encourages anxious type feelings.

💡 The solution?

❤️ Self-acceptance

❤️ Learning to find the perfect imperfection in who you actually are, allows for more inner peace.

✨ Radical AcceptanceSurrender ✨ = Peace 😌

🎁 Quick tip for getting to that accepting, peaceful place?

✔︎ Gratitude: Disciplining your mind to find appreciation for exactly the way you are, right now.

🎁 Longer tip for deeper embodiment?

✔︎ Uncovering your values, living in alignment with who you really are, neutralising the inner turmoil that’s causing you to “should” on yourself & to allow others to “should” on you + working the tools that bring you to a state of acceptance & appreciation …

✔︎ I.e. doing the inner work to embrace your actual self.

🔦 Ideally, with a guide that knows the way (like me 😊)

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