How to build better relationships

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Imagine if we could stay in that fresh, light energy of when we first meet people, are simply curious about them and haven’t yet created “expectations” for them?

It’s all fun & games until we start attaching to outcomes, trying to control how someone else is or isn’t showing up, or start seeing others as an extension of us that “should” act a certain way. #engulfment

❌ When you “should” on people, you damage relationships.

❌ When you have rigid expectations of how others need to show up in your life, you damage relationships.

✅ When you accept others as they are & remain in the energy of curiosity & allow them to just be who they are…

✅ When you are an engaged & accepting “witness” of who they are, instead of an imposing, demanding controller…

✅ They will spontaneously feel drawn to being in your company more often.

❤️ When your love feels like acceptance & freedom, people don’t want to run away.

❌ Expectations ruin relationships.

❌ Entitlement ruins relationships.

❌ “Should-ing” on people, ruins relationships.

If you can’t accept someone as they right now, then it’s best to take your space & let them be available for people that will be willing & able to accept them as they are.

(And/or work on your ability to accept them).

👉 Instead of pointing the finger at them & how they need to change 🪞 point the thumb back at you and ask yourself how you can work on accepting them or, if you can’t accept them, how can you change your situation so you don’t have to be around them?

✅ If you can’t accept them as they are, it’s on you to find a solution within you, and not to seek to change them… ❌ that’s asking another to self-abandon their authenticity for you.

🪞 More thumbs back at you, less 👉 fingers at others.

🪞 Thumbs back at you leads to growth & empowerment 👉 fingers leads to the belief that you are powerless & not in control of your contentment.


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