How to build more self esteem

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

A lot of our desires are in fact the carrot 🥕 to pull us into a more evolved version of ourselves.

✨ Self-esteem is built when we witness ourselves committing to things, having discipline, overcoming obstacles, up-levelling, doing the “hard” thing, surviving the scary conversations etc.

You can’t think yourself to self-esteem

(well, unless you do a whole bunch of lying to yourself and fall in love with some delusion or fantasy you have created of yourself in your mind…

Which, is not true self-esteem, it isn’t grounded in reality, and life will keep bopping you over the head with that lesson as you keep elevating yourself and life says… no, no, no, you’re not actually a match for that outcome right now…

Yet your delusion will have you wondering hmm why haven’t I got X amount of money yet, why aren’t the men lining up, why hasn’t X happened when I am so amazing!?).

✨ You know you are actually a match for an outcome when it has in fact manifested.

If it hasn’t yet, it’s not that life is unfair & others are lucky, it’s just that you have more work to do on the topic:

👉 More reps, more growing, more patience, more execution, more being, less elevating your self-image, more grounding in reality.

All of this is to say, you can’t fake your way to the true self-esteem that creates true results.

Yes, believe in yourself, but also take the actions that won’t make it an uphill battle to believe in yourself.

When you watch yourself for the 1500th time guide a client through a massive life breakthrough… you don’t need to spend time believing in yourself, the evidence is, well, evident.

This is true self-esteem.

Putting in the actions, doing the reps, working to create real results.

Healing isn’t just about sitting around having better thoughts, it’s about the new actions you take and the clarity that comes from taking those new actions & exploring those new horizons.

Once you are healing & taking aligned action… the clarity will just keep on coming & getting clearer, and your embodiment of yourself will become more & more authentic & aligned. 💫

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