How to build true self-esteem & confidence

❓ Ever wish someone would show up and say:

“life’s hard, take an indefinite holiday, here’s a billion dollars”


Thing is, without the mindset & nervous system to be able to sit with that result,

🤪 There’s a great risk that you would self-implode, self-sabotage, lose a sense of purpose & meaning in life, feeling lost, and somehow get rid of all the money, destroying your physical & mental health in the process.

🐛 We are only a container for the results we have learned how to create.

🏆 The real prize in life is the process.

❌ It’s not what you get,

✅ It’s the joy of witnessing yourself grow as you stretch yourself outside your comfort zone & make progress.

😊 The best prize is the self-esteem & self-respect you gain from watching yourself consistently showing up for yourself & growing.

🙈 There’s no hiding from yourself…

➡️ You know if you’re breaking commitments to yourself or not

➡️ You know if you’re reliable.

➡️ You know if you’re responsible.

➡️ You know if you’re valuing & respecting yourself by doing the things you committed to yourself that you were going to do.

❤️ And all of this informs your self-image & self-worth.

🏆 When life doesn’t hand you everything on a silver platter:

➡️ You get the opportunity to grow phenomenal self-esteem & self-worth with yourself.

➡️ You get to have goals to strive for which give you a sense of meaning & purpose

➡️ You get the opportunity to develop deep self-respect from witnessing how you do show up for yourself.

🤩 Watching yourself take action & achieve goals is way more powerful than any affirmation.

🔥 When the evidence is undeniable, no affirmation is needed.

👩🏼‍⚖️ No person with a hard to attain uni degree, such as medicine or law, needs to walk around affirming “I am smart”

(the top tier uni qualifications undeniably require intelligence… when you execute on them, see the work you produced: the evidence is clear. No mindset work or affirmations are needed on that topic.)

🤩 Wishing for fantasy escapes, robs us of the truly fulfilling journey that comes from consistent execution.

  1. Let go of fantasising about overnight success

  2. Accept that real sustainable goals require focus, commitment & consistency

  3. Choose goals where the process & consistent actions required to get that goal, are actions you could enjoy

✅ Having goals to execute on & attain, allows us to build true self-esteem.

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