How to control your behaviours to create better outcomes

Your thoughts & perceptions, stimulate your feelings & emotions, which stimulates your behaviours.

✨ Do you sometimes regret your behaviour?

“What came over me!?”

💭 Your behaviours first began as a thought, which created a feeling, which made you want to engage in that behaviour.

✨ Want better or different behaviours? So that you can create new results?

❤️ Start hunting for the underlying thought, which is creating a feeling that is orienting you to partake in behaviours you later regret.

❤️ Also, start learning the thoughts of those people who have the results you want.

💡 This is why coaches often talk about working on “limiting beliefs”…

✨ Because it’s your beliefs & thoughts which create your feelings, which then influence your behaviour on a topic.

💡 Want a new result in your life? It’s important to upgrade your beliefs on that topic so that your mind will become oriented to engage in new behaviours that will create that result.

✔︎ Better beliefs = better control over your life outcomes.

🎁 Want a universal thought which is sort of the one-stop-shop for orienting your behaviour to that of abundance producing behaviours, rather than scarcity creating ones?

🎁 Here it is:

✨ ”everything is always working out for me”

🎉 This thought will create feelings of trust & relaxation, which will orient your mind to want to engage in behaviours that flow from those feelings. Allowing you to move in life more calmly & abundantly.

❤️ It’s ideal if you can see this statement, read it & feel it everyday… and also, to affirm this to yourself whenever fear taps on your shoulder.

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