How to create a life you love, even if you don’t know what you want yet

1️⃣ If you don’t yet know what you want to create in life,

✨ follow your curiosity ✨

🔎 give yourself permission to explore yourself & explore what lights you up, with curiosity.

🧐 when do you feel the most “you”?

🧐 if no one else’s opinion mattered, how would you spend your time?

🧐 when are the times in life that you felt most content, calm & purposeful… what were you doing?

🧐 how could you get paid to do that?

2️⃣ Once you have curiously explored & understood who you are & what truly lights you up…

And you have your clear vision of what you want:

📍keep your focus on where you’re heading & what you want to create, by:

➡️ spending time each day visualising your future vision,

➡️ feeling the feeling of it now,

➡️ remembering why you want it, and

➡️ taking daily steps towards it

⚗️ There will be many distractions along the way and many people trying to lure you into believing in the illusion of fantasies, magic bullets & quick wins.

📈 The short term hard road, becomes long term the easier road. The focused, consistent road, is the one that compouds to become the easiest in the long run.

🛣 So stay in your lane, don’t get pulled into distracting detours, remain focused on where you’re driving to.

💭 If it’s worth Dreaming about,

👩‍💻It’s worth Doing something about.

🧠 If you don’t focus & take charge of your mind, your mind will ruin you


➡️ what daily habits are you going to “Do”,

➡️ to create a life you love?


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