How to feel more free in life

❌ Are you choosing from “you should” and “you ought to”?

Or from:

✅ “This is what loving & caring for myself looks like”?

❌ I’ve found that the people who “should” on you the most, are the most exploitative people.

✅ You don’t need the approval of exploitative people.

✅ Some people don’t have pure intentions for anyone but themselves.

❌ Life is a game to them, they are the only player, and everyone else is a pawn to be used for their own benefit.

❌ It’s an intense feeling to give & give to these people, assuming they have empathy & care like you…

✅ Only to one day grow some boundaries & sense of self worth, no longer idolise them or put them on a pedestal, no longer buy the act…

❌ only to see true colours emerge. Whiplash. It was never reciprocal.

❌ They would never have given you the real love & support you generously gave them.

❌ They were the star, you were the audience… when you stop playing your part, you see an entirely new side.

✅ And a lot of it happened because you did what you thought you “should do”… you complied with what others wanted from you…

❌ you enabled the “star” to do whatever they wanted because of all the enablers around them were blindly supporting them, and shushing or manipulating you into compliance

✅ You can break away from enabling & participating in keeping up this image.

✅ It will result in anyone benefiting from or attached to the “facade”, being upset with you.

✅ Your freedom is worth some manipulative people not liking you.

✅ There is an entire world (a lot of world), outside the group-think & delusions of any community or unit.

➡️ Imagine if Cinderella never realised there was a world outside of the step-mother & sisters that had reduced her down to a life of serving their needs?

➡️ She would have lived her whole life not realising she could just leave & start again.

✅ We’re living in a time where we have the opportunity to be empowered and break free of groups, units & communities that aren’t healthy for us.

❌ Some people are toxic to your mental health.

✅ Support yourself.

✅ Emotional safety is everything.

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