How to feel more supported

❓ Are you more likely to make a stand on behalf of those you love, than you are for yourself?

❓ Are you more likely to protect loved ones, than you are to protect yourself?

❤️ It’s your turn.

❤️ You deserve that same support that you recognise others deserve.

❤️ You deserve to make a stand for you too.

🥺 You deserve to give yourself a voice too, and to not silently accept harmful behaviour.

❤️ It’s your time, and you’re ready for the next step.

❤️ To become the protective parent that your inner child needs.

🌀 The cycle repeats until the lesson is learned.

🌀 The lesson is you, showing up differently this time… finally standing up for yourself & protecting yourself.

❤️ Declaring to life that you’re no longer available to be treated that way.

If somebody ought to do something about it… why not you?

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