How to fix your romantic relationship

Would you love to power through the “power struggle” phase of a romantic relationship? 🥵

so that you can finally get the love you want 🥰

Achieving this outcome is not as hard as you might think, and it has a lot to do with something I call “Needs Linking” 🤓

"Needs linking" is essentially identifying what your partner’s needs are, and then identifying how you meeting their deepest needs, will actually allow you to get your deepest needs met.

🌈 Relationships are a place we go to “give” after all. The joy in life truly is in the giving 🥰

Caveat: Giving in aligned joy though… not in martyrdom… and giving in a reciprocal environment where you both get your needs met

More on "Needs Linking":

If your partner loves, for example, for you to give them lots of time listening to them…👂 and your highest need is, for example, physical touch ✋

🤔You might like to ask yourself:

"how does listening to my partner, get me even more physical touch?"

🤔And your partner might like to ask,

"how does meeting my partner’s need for physical touch, actually get me even more time being listened to?"

😖At first, you might not have any answers… you might even be downright challenged and annoyed at the very thought of these questions... and fair enough. Romantic relationships are very emotional. We all just want to feel seen, heard, understood and validated.

Your frustration is valid.

It definitely is inconvenient, frustrating and upsetting that your needs aren't just being effortlessly met in your romantic relationship.

There is immense value in your current relationship though... there is history, there is connection, there is love, there's good intentions, there's a desire to make it work.

So, it might just be worth taking a deep breath, and challenging yourself to play with the "Needs Linking" exercise.

The reason there's no "natural" and easy answers to these questions, is because right now there is undiscovered value in your relationship.

Answering "Needs Linking" questions, allows you to form:

  • new thoughts,

  • new answers,

  • new perceptions

Which allows you to realise new value in your relationship.

...which is why these questions are worth being asked & answered… so that you can discover the value already in your relationship, that you currently aren’t perceiving 🤗

❤️It’s a bit tricky holding yourself in the boundary of answering these questions though…

🤗That’s where I can help you with 1on1 coaching (addressing "Needs Linking", but also WAY, way, way more tools for juicy relationship breakthroughs).

🎉I currently have openings for new 1on1 clients.

❤️Please book your free strategy-session call with me to discover more & to be on your way to totally up-levelling the love in your life.

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