How to get the relationship you want

Over 15yrs into my love story with my husband, here is what I have learned so far:

❤️ The no.1 thing you need create the love you want is, courage.

✨ Choosing connection over “winning” takes courage.

✨ Choosing connection over “being right” takes courage.

✨ Choosing transparency over manipulation takes courage.

✨ Choosing to let your walls down over armouring up, takes courage.

✨ Choosing to say the scary things over avoidance, takes courage.

✨ Choosing to risk it all, to get it all takes courage.

✨ Choosing clear communication over playing games, takes courage.

✨ Vulnerability takes courage.

✨ Softening takes courage.

✨ Admitting fault takes courage.

✨ Taking personal responsibility takes courage.

✨ Self reflection takes courage.

✨ Leaning into growth takes courage.

✨ Admitting there’s a problem takes courage.

✨ Admitting things could stand to improve takes courage.

✨ Admitting you are part of the problem takes courage.

✨ Real enduring connection, real love, takes courage.

✨ When two people remain deeply connected & satisfied in love over a long period of time…it’s the result of two people who had the courage to choose connection instead of controlling outcomes… over & over again.

✨ Two people with high intention, and low attachment to outcomes.

✨ The more you try to grip onto, control & create the outcomes you want… the further away from authentic connecting & love you drift.

If something is really meant for you, you don’t need to hold on tightly. Its freedom ought to bring it to you, so long as you keep moving from trust & love. Loving with open arms, takes courage. If you love something, you let it be free, though.

❤️ Connection is vital to our well-being. And it takes courage.

❤️ Love is for the brave & life rewards the brave.

❤️ When it comes to relationships, we’re all lying in the beds we have helped make.

✨ Don’t like the current bed? It’s time for courage.

Need more courage? Book your 1:1 coaching with me.

❤️ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

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