How to have easier, more peaceful relationships

“Do not surround yourself with people who would peck at you like a duck” - Maya Angelou

🌟 How do you pull this off?

❌ don’t try to force yourself or others to live outside their values

✅ line up with people who naturally support what you value in life, and vice versa

🌟 Look for:

✅ Shared relationship values,

✅ Complimentary life values,

✅ Complimentary personalities, +

✅ Shared future vision.

Get the above ⬆️ and these will be spontaneously your “easiest” relationships

💡 You’re not a match with everyone!

✅ Quality over quantity.

✅ We only need 1-5 quality, safe relationships to feel satisfied with the connection in our life.

✅ Be willing to let go of the wrong, to allow space for the right.

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