How to have more “flow” in life

We only flow in life, when we have laid the foundations for flow to happen.

The extent of the effort required to lay the foundations for flow is dependent on:

  1. The amount of effort we’ve already given to that topic

  2. Our genetic predispositions & strengths

  3. How much do we enjoy the given activity or area we want to “flow” in.

Here’s where a confession & clarification on my behalf feel necessary:

➡️ I probably contributed to the illusion of fantasy results a while back because my coaching business launched “inflow” & rapidly, clients got mind-blowingly rapid results.

So I was all about “ease & flow” because that truly was the journey… at.that.point…

but there was a 14yr run-up of effort to eventually “flow” at that point. If you went back in time, you would find the logical “cause” for that “effect”.

😍 When we are in an “easy” phase of something, sometimes we can forget where we once were & the effort we put in, before the easy phase.

We gain mastery at things, they feel easy to us… then we forget that those things were ever hard.

🗣 E.g. talking is easy right? Now it is. Not when you were first learning.

➡️ The clients that get super rapid results, have a lot of experience & knowledge before ever meeting me, & just show up needing a few bits of tinkering here & there, then boom, amazing results.

➡️ People that have learned a lot from past somewhat positive relationships, just need a bit of direction & support, then boom. Amazing results.

➡️ People that have a tonne of prior experience in healing or coaching themselves & others, just need a bit of support & direction, then boom. Amazing results.

But then,

➡️ There’s the people that have only ever experienced deeply insecurely attached relationships

➡️ Or are deeply hooked on manipulating others instead of clearly communicating

➡️ Or have only very beginner experience in coaching & healing

✅ Naturally… their foundation still needs wayyyyy more building, before they can get the rapid results that those with a longer run-up get.

🧐 Which made me realise, I need to bang more of the drum of “building foundations” than banging the drum of the flowing that will follow.

❤️ Yes some people actually do have a limiting IQ or an incredibly high IQ

❤️ Yes some people are naturally tall which is great for various sports

So, yes there is more opportunity to excel in areas where genetics is in your favour… but no one is getting there on genetic predisposition alone.

Anyone achieving & maintaining excellence is working for it.

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