How to live a satisfying life

Updated: Jan 4

“What goes up, must come down”

✨ What is aligned to us & good for our soul feels nourishing in a calm & centred way

🫁 Like a lovely long deep breath in & lovely long breath out.

😵‍💫 A trap I fell into (perhaps you have too?)…

️⚡️ was trying to polarise reality into feeling very “up” & “exciting” as much as possible…

🆙 This trying to drive life up & elevate oneself or one's emotions can lead to avoidance of life and/or a roller coaster experience….

😶‍🌫️ As in, deep avoidance where you try to ignore things as they are to maintain a one-sided state & don’t exist in reality (head in the clouds & no feet on the ground),

🎢 and/or an experience of UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN

📊 As with our blood sugar, extreme ongoing high & lows ruins our well-being…

❤️ Nature & our body seeks & thrives in equilibrium.

❤️‍🩹 Healthy blood sugar levels are the ones that exist in the stable middle most of the time.

✔︎ Equilibrium, homeostasis, neutrality, calm… is the state of thriving.

🎈 So many of us have been trying to create an “UP” existence instead of one of equilibrium… ☯️

😵‍💫 In this way, we set ourselves up for chaos, roller coaster, big down crashes and/or avoidance of reality.

💔 All of this leads to not truly ever-loving ourselves or life in its natural, neutral state.

We only accept the “UP” half of life & then swing between UP & dissatisfaction, or UP & avoidance.

💔 Then… we relate to ourselves & others like this too, leading to disconnection from reality & from real human intimacy.

💡 You might find that a healthier, stable, more satisfying, grounded goal is to aim for radical acceptance of what is… to find gratitude for the way life is, instead of striving for it to become a fantasy.

✨ This allows you to step off the roller coaster & to enjoy the sweetness in the more “ordinary”…

❤️ Those who have learned to be very content with a lot less are the real winners in life… their contentment is stable & dependent on very little.

💔 When you spend life wishing it was an “UP” extraordinary fantasy… you miss the beauty that was always around you.

❌ We don’t need “more” to be content.

🧠 We need a mind that is wired to find acceptance & appreciation in what is.

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