How to make 2022 your best year yet

🎉 We’re only ever a set of habits away from what we want.

It’s our consistent daily habits that compound to create our life results.

🌹 The person with an enjoyable romantic relationship?

✨ Is likely engaging in the habits of:

✔︎ Leaning into critical conversations & bringing up topics to be resolved

✔︎ Working on self-regulation so they can engage in conversations with more curiosity & less reactivity

✔︎ Prioritising relationship repair

✔︎ Filling up the relationship goodwill by meeting some of their partner's needs

✔︎ Self-reflection & looking at what they are accountable for & how they are contributing to undesirable results

✔︎ Looking for the best in others

✔︎ Contemplating things to be grateful for in their partner

✔︎ Empathy & kindness

🧚‍♀️ That person with incredible health?

✨ Is likely engaging the habits of:

✔︎ Going to bed at an optimal time & getting enough sleep

✔︎ Moving their body every day

✔︎ Consuming 7-9 cups of organic fruit & veggies

✔︎ Drinking plenty of water

✔︎ Engaging in stress management

☀️ That person who is consistently upbeat & energetic?

✨ Is likely engaging in the habits of:

✔︎ Moving their body every day

✔︎ Self-regulation (mindset management tools e.g. soothing self-talk)

✔︎ Gratitude

✔︎ Getting enough sunshine

✔︎ Prioritising their time according to their highest values

✔︎ Play, fun & laughter

😍 All of this is to say, you’re only ever a set of habits away from the results you want


  1. Identify your highest values

  2. Identify the results you want in life that align to your top values

  3. Identify why you want those results & how those results will fulfill your highest values

  4. Contemplate the daily habits that would result in those outcomes

  5. Schedule those habits in your calendar

  6. Put effort into doing those habits for 63 days… until those new habits become automatic & your path of least resistance aka “easy”

  7. Enjoy the results of your consistent commitment to the habits that create the life & results you want

  8. Work with a coach if you’d prefer some support to pull this off

🎊 Discipline = Freedom.

🌴 So, what outcomes do you want to create, and therefore what habits are you going to implement?

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