How to make the impossible, possible

😍 Is there some outcome you would love?

😟 But don’t yet know how it is going to happen?

🙇🏼‍♀️ When I was 18, I really wanted to become a lawyer. It wasn’t a natural fit for my academic strengths though, and in my first year of uni I was distracted & unfocused.

😅 I even left an exam 1hr early to fly to NZ for a dancing gig. And most of my law exams were worth 100% of the marks for the semester… so to leave early was really an indicative of how much I wasn’t all in yet.

😖 After receiving terrible marks in my first semester, it seemed like it would be impossible to become a lawyer, seeing as at the time there was approx 20,000 law graduates each year and only 900 law graduate jobs each year. Why would a girl with bad grades get one of those spots?

😪 I felt like giving up.

😲 Fast forward 6yrs later, upon graduating, I received multiple coveted law graduate offers from great law firms, and accepted one at an excellent mid tier law firm.

🏆 So, how did I go from failing a subject in first year, barely passing others… to being able to get one of the very few rare law graduate roles in a quality firm?

☀️ Here is the formula I employed to achieve what I wanted, even when it seemed impossible:

1️⃣ Decide - make a decision that you really do want this & you’re going to do everything you can to make it happen. Decide to give it your best shot: even if you might fail (it’s an amazing feeling knowing you gave it your best)

2️⃣ Get Resourceful - make a way out of no way. In any situation, you might think well the front door & back door are locked shut… but there’s always a third door, another way in, if you’re willing to be resourceful

3️⃣ Take Consistent Action - dreaming without doing = disappointment

4️⃣ Commit - put both feet in, & cut out distractions (I quit that distracting dancing work to just focus on law & working in the legal field).

5️⃣ Persist - through the highs & lows, keep going… even when it seems like you’re not going to make it, keeping showing up & taking action in the direction of it.

🤝 Having support & someone in your corner, like a coach, helps tremendously too.


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