How to make things "easy"

Recently a friend gave our eldest daughter a book:

“Big Life Journal - Daily Edition for Kids”

🧠 Inside there’s this great & simple description of how the brain works to make things feel “easy”,

and it goes like this:

✨ ”Every time your LEARN something new or work DIFFICULT THINGS out, your brain creates new cells. And when you PRACTISE, your brain builds new connections between its cells.

The activities and things you’re learning become EASY for you because your brain grows and changes!” ✨

Such a great description of moving from: conscious incompetence to → unconscious competence.

🥵 There was a time when walking, talking & writing were hard…

🦋 Now, due to the effort we put into learning & practising them, they’re easy.

❤️ This is the true path to “ease & flow”…

✨ Being willing to show up for the effort, so eventually you can flow with ease.

🦋 The ease eventually flows from the upfront effort.

✨ Ease is on the other side of falling in love with effort.

✔︎ Ease comes from Effort.

✨ How many ways can you fall in love with putting effort into the results you eventually want to find “easy”?

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