How to manifest your unique life vision

👁 Focus.

If you don’t know what you want, and focus your mind on it, and engage in daily habits in the direction of it…

❌ You’ll be left wafting in the wind, getting distracted by what everyone else around you is doing,

🎐Inevitably getting pulled into creating someone else’s vision or imitating someone else’s truth…

❌ Which isn’t your unique truth & won’t feel good to you.

🤯 You’ll wake up one day & wonder whose life you’re living?

🤔 Is this really the life you wanted?

😵‍💫Or did you get pulled in the direction of everything around you?

🌤 Everyone’s version of “heaven” is different…

🧠 Someone else’s result is the manifestation of the daily habits they engage in.

💡 If you’re not clear on what you’re creating, you’ll start wondering if you want other people’s results?

❌ Someone else’s result is unlikely to satisfy you…

😵‍💫 But without your vision & focus, you’ll chop & change in a chaotic way, trying out being everyone else, instead of creating from the clarity of your inner vision.

🥰 When you see someone else joyfully living in their alignment, it’s not their result or life you want…

🥰 It’s that version of you that you want… the version of you that is living in your alignment & according to what you value.

👁 You are drawn to other people’s results, not because you actually want their result, but because you want that same energy of contentment that comes from living in alignment with your values.

💡 It’s their energy of alignment that makes their result seem alluring…

🙌 You will only get that satisfying feeling from YOUR aligned result, not theirs.

👁 Focus on you, want you want, what lights you up, what you value, your alignment, and commit to that version of you:

1️⃣ Identify what vision would actually *feel good for you to live out

(*it might not be what you think… e.g. my vision of contentment is spending the majority of my time alone at a desk… others would shudder at that life, but that’s my heaven)

2️⃣ Identify 3-5 daily habits that would compound over time to create that vision

🧠 Full disclosure: sometimes it takes a bit of inner work before your clarity of vision appears ~ healing brings clarity.

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