How to overcome procrastination + overwhelm

😵‍💫 Overwhelmed? Or avoiding taking action?

🌎 Are you perhaps focusing on the entire staircase, instead of just the next step in front of you?

💭 Often we’re overwhelmed because we’re too zoomed out

🌎 We’re looking at the macro… at the entire staircase,

🔎 Instead of the micro… the next step we need to take.

🥅 If a dream/goal/vision/outcome/result seems impossible right now…

📝 Chunk it down.

🍇 Break it down into small bite sized actions

❓ Ask yourself:

💡 ”What are 3 high impact, small steps I can take today, in the direction of that bigger goal?”

👓 Then, for today, only focus on attending to those 3 actions.

🚤 The trick is to get in motion… to get started, no matter how small those first steps are.

💡 What do you want to achieve, what are 3 actions you could take today in that direction?

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