How to positively impact the next generation

I was once listing to a podcast where a woman was being interviewed, and I believe she was the first person from her country to ever receive higher education.

She had travelled from a developing country where education was scarce.

Moved to the US, caught up on standard schooling education, then went on to graduate from university.

This was an incredible accomplishment from where she had started in life, and when she arrived in the US she could even afford to buy food.

When asked for her life wisdom and advice, she offered this.

Everyone in life has 2 batons to hand you, the baton of wisdom or the baton of generational trauma.

It’s up to you which baton you choose to pass onto the next generation.

You have the power to choose to hand over the baton of wisdom, the baton of light.

That’s the power of generational healing, and intentional living.


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