How to stay grounded while reaching for the stars

Updated: Mar 17

💡Every yes to something, is a no to something else. ✨ Every goal, comes with a price of admission. 🙌 Your true aligned goals are the ones that feel worthy of the “price”. For example: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 When I say yes to spending significant times or milestones with a very small inner circle, I’m saying no to building a bigger, extended circle or community 🤓 Every time I say yes to more studying, business creation or coaching, I’m saying no to additional family, socialising or beach time 🌸 Every time I say yes to spending time alone, I’m saying no to investing time in connecting with others 🍸 Every time I say yes to pizza & cocktails, I’m saying no to “lack of inflammation” & feeling vibrantly well the following day 💸 Every time I say yes to buying fashion or luxury items I don’t necessarily need, I’m saying no to investing or saving that money ✨ Essentially… what I’m saying is that our decisions have natural consequences. 😕 Sometimes those consequences can feel a little uncomfortable & paying the price of your alignment can feel a little uncomfortable… 🎟 Everything comes with a price of admission. ✅ It’s about deciding what results feel worthy of the natural price? ❌ When we are expecting amazing outcomes with no price… we have a fantasy, and not a realistic outcome. ☯️ Radical acceptance of the balance of life, keeps us grounded and in appreciation for life as it is.

🛌 We make our “bed” of life every day with the choices & actions we do or do not take.

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