How to supercharge your efforts

When you flow “effort” into things you value, effort becomes enjoyable.

If “effort” feels like a dirty word…

You might have a past history of putting “effort” into results that weren’t truly in alignment with what you value.

I.e. the effort I put into dancing & law, felt SO much harder than the effort I put into science, maths, sport & commerce. Both required effort, one version of effort felt draining, the other version of effort felt energising.

✨ Effort can be enjoyable or a drain… it depends if we’re flowing effort into activities & results that we truly value.

🥵 If the idea of “effort” repels you, you might be living outside your values or having some disempowering beliefs about “hard work”.

🥰 Effort can be fun!

✨ To the point where some people would deny they ever put effort in, they didn’t even realise what they were doing was “effort”, because it was so in alignment & fun for them to do those things.

E.g. the person who loves reading would say it took no effort at all to read 1 book per week… whereas someone else would find that same result takes them a tremendous amount of effort.

❤️ This is the power of living within your values…

✨ “effort” becomes far more enjoyable & something you “get” to do, not something you “have” to do.

💡 It can be worth taking a good look at our “goals” and getting real about if they are a true reflection of what we value…

if they aren’t, we’re unlikely to get there, because the effort it would take will feel quite draining & unsustainable …in this case, it’s best to let go of wanting that goal & choose a real goal.

I.e. if you decide you ought to have a goal of getting married because society tells you that’s a good goal, but you don’t actually have a high value on connection, relationships, being a team player etc… then the “effort” required to attain that goal, will feel incredibly draining.

✨ Goals or outcomes that you are most likely to attain, are those where the habits & effort required to reach that goal, falls within what you value.

✨ If you love writing, for example, it’s going to feel much easier for you to become an author than someone who doesn’t enjoy writing.

💡 Setting goals in accordance with your values makes the “effort” feel more enjoyable.

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