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Updated: Nov 23

Recently, I was thrilled to be interviewed by Natasha Andreo for her Podcast, "Magick in your Heart, Home & The Heavens"...

.. and gosh it was such a juicy conversation that explored:

  • the power of inner healing,

  • the mistake of reading alll the self development books if you don't also have tools to alchemise your wounds,

  • how to consciously create your life,

  • how to make your mind a heaven rather than a hell,

  • how to tap into your intuition,

  • why I became a coach, and how I became a coach!

  • how I became a bestselling author,

  • success principles i.e. "the long game"

  • the importance of embodied experience and wisdom,

  • being the "cause" not the effect,

  • if we should really care about the moon,

  • if everyone in my life cheered for me and supported me when I became a bestselling author,

  • do we actually need to know what "human design" we are...

and SO much more!

A really fun and vibing conversation with great discussions on so many topics... from entrepreneurship and healing modalities, to controlling your menstrual cycle.

Listen along on Spotify here, and Apple here.

With gratitude,

Elise Peck

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