Is getting a life coach worth it?

Heard of life coaching, mindset coaches, executive coaches, coaches for mums etc and wondered if they are worth it?

Well... a client once said to me:

🧐“you’re so confident in how you show up in your videos. You speak with such conviction”.

👉There’s a reason that I fully believe in the service I offer.

And it’s because my nervous system is constantly inundated with client calls where my clients report mind-blowing results.

Sure - it’s not a home run hit every time.

Clients aren’t always compatible with my coaching style, which is why no one is ever committed to more than 1month of coaching with me, and why either of us can choose to cease our coaching relationship.

Because my alignment is also your alignment.

If it’s not compatible, we move on.

I don’t desperately cling to anyone or anything, ever. #flowlikewater #theway #taoteching

I love with open arms and move in the flow of alignment… as I coach my clients to do too.

🏆But, most of the time, it is a hard home run hit, baby.

So, I just thought I would write a list of some of the client results I can remember.

I also just coached someone the other day and at the start of the call she felt sick and during the call she said “wow, I’m not feeling sick anymore”. 😏

Nothing surprises me anymore.

I expect miracles these days.

Again - results are never guaranteed.

But my goodness is it fun finding out what the coaching container with me, might do for you.

I firmly believe that whatever anyone invests in me, they always get at least double the value back.

What value would you give to some of these results I’ve listed below?

I mean… beyond priceless many of them, hey?

The best part is, after working with me for a while, my clients eventually start mirroring the way I coach them in their own mind… they start to be able to predict how I would coach them to that result, and they become their own best coach. Which is a gift for life that will keep on giving.

🙃So - if I ever come across as a strong believer in what I offer… check out the list of wins my clients report to me, and tell me if you wouldn’t believe in yourself too if that’s what was going on with your clients?

…these results remind me of that quote that only those who believe in magic, will experience it.

I am so grateful that people exist in the world that believe in themselves & their dreams enough to invest in a coach 🙏

Client results

  • from no male interest to it “suddenly”raining men

  • hailing men “Elise, I need an umbrella”

  • experiencing orgasms and sex on a level never experienced before

  • attracting in male partners of a quality never even knew existed

  • for the first time ever experiencing what it’s like to feel feminine around a man because finally around men with high value masculine energy that make them feel safe, secure & protected

  • attracting abundant flow of clients (WITHOUT learning "marketing")

  • went from totally resenting an ex-partner forced to live with, to now finding it to be quite enjoyable living with him

  • got proposed to (now engaged)

  • random discovery calls booked into their calendar after a session where we did some inner work on becoming a coach

  • becoming international bestselling author

  • opening up a new business venture and it being up, operational and clients coming through the door immediately upon opening

  • random large financial gifts from people who they have known for decades who never before gave them anything

  • feeling a deep sense of self-love, self-trust & self-worth

  • manifesting the exact amount of money to pay off all student loans (a significant amount of money), which was a goal they set

  • visualising in one session being in a blue dress, glowing with a tan, on holiday in another country… having that vision manifest in less than 3wks

  • wanting to leave a toxic workplace that had been incredibly unsupportive, showing up after doing some inner work in our coaching session to the workplace “suddenly” being very supportive & understanding

  • previously “stingy”, "critical", “difficult” ex, now giving her a car and then the home to live in and peacefully moving out, and now existing & coparenting on very good terms

  • “randomly” receiving lots of compliments and comments never previously received “what are you doing, you seem different, you look great”

  • going from crippling fear of certain work meetings, to showing up in them powerfully & calmly

  • going from being super reactive to everything husband was doing, to instead watching him do those very things, noticing the feelings rising up, getting a sensation of smiling to themselves inside and being able to choose an intentional, calm response

  • showing up to family events that once scared them, and being able to watch toxic siblings try to provoke them as usual, and being able to calmly state their truth & boundary, while validating their sibling for feeling different (this would have previously been the start of huge conflict)

  • Being able to resist “taking the bait”, when certain people try to push their buttons, instead being able to calmly observe the toxic behaviour the other person is engaging in rather than feeling reactive to it

  • manifesting dream house on the water exactly as she desired (and no, this isn’t my own results I’m referring to, this is a client’s result)

  • no longer getting dominated and treated like a doormat by an ex-wife who was ordering him around

  • healing and releasing shame from certain life events that were causing him to not accept himself

  • frequent comments from clients of feeling a sense of inner peace, trust & relief

  • releasing trapped emotions around previous birthing experiences that didn’t go to plan, putting intention and visualisation into creating the next childbirth she wanted… letting me know that the birth turned out as she wanted this time... which was incredibly healing

  • breaking up with a toxic relationship, literally the next day a new guy shows up who treats her in allllll the ways she was wishing and hoping her ex would, he wants to marry her, have babies, adores her, desires her sexually in the way she wanted & more

  • releasing the fear of being seen so she can finally start showing up in her business & being visible

  • And so much more.

And the above results are only since I officially became certified as a coach.

Before that, I coached people to launch network marketing businesses via doTERRA essential oils. I coached people to sell, to teach essential oil classes even when they had crippling social anxiety, to make online videos teaching about essential oils even though it was well outside their comfort zone, to step into mentoring others to create businesses themselves… and so much more.

So, can a coach change your life?

Well, at my rock bottoms, I got a coach.

It changed my life.

Brought me back from the brink of self-destruction.

I've had other coaches for other purposes since then... and the results are worth their weight in gold.

I’m a huge believer.

I have also at times reached out to other services for support, including: psychologists, kinesiologists, hypnotherapists etc.

And I've got NO WHERE near the same level of result. In fact... some of those services made me way worse and resulted in me feeling more anxious than ever before... and to fix that each time, I returned to coaching tools and coaching support.

So I'm all about that life-coaching life.

What would I choose for myself if I was having trouble getting a result on my own? A coach.

What would I recommend to loved ones and even my own children if they were having a hard time loving their life or achieving desired results? A coach.

If it's finally your time, and you're ready for the next step in your life journey, book your free 1on1 discovery call with me now.

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