New life or new perception?

If you were to lose everything in your life tomorrow, what would you miss most?

What parts of your life would you long for?

How much do you appreciate those things right now?

The thing is, we're only ever 1 decision away from a totally different life.

But, do you actually want a new life?

Or do you simply need to reconnect to gratitude for the life you currently have?

Often we make many intentional decisions to create the life we want.

Those decisions prioritise our highest values, but they're not without cost.

You see, every yes to something is a no to something else.

Every time we prioritise our highest priorities, those things that aren't as important to us get less attention and priority.

Sometimes, we stop and look around to only notice what is missing, and forget that we intentionally chose to have certain things missing, in order to ensure we had other more important things. I.e. We chose to stay home with our children and in doing so chose not to have that high flying corporate career.

Often we get disenchanted at the things "missing" from our life... those very things we willingly sacrificed in order to get other things that we valued more. In these moments, it's often not a time to set a new goal and change things, it's actually a time to remember why we chose what we chose and to lean into gratitude for all the outcomes we are now enjoying due to the choices we made.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust.

A wise woman I once worked for said to me "you can have it all, just not all at once". She was specifically referring to having both a family life with children, and a successful career. Her advice was you can have both those things, but at separate times in your life. In each chapter, it helps to remember that you willingly chose your current circumstances - and to remember why you chose it.

Sometimes, clients will share why they want different outcomes in their life. However, when we map out the sacrifices and price that would need to be paid to get the new outcome, they decide they would prefer to keep what they already have in their life and to not give any of that away in order to gain other outcomes.

This moment, this realisation that they could change everything in their life, but that they actually don't want to, helps them to find a new appreciation for what is currently going right.

i.e. You could work more and therefore have more money, but that would mean less time for exercise and for time with your children - is that what you want?

Every outcome comes with a price of admission. When we start focusing on the price, it pays to change our attention to instead realise the good outcomes that our choices have led to.

Would you be happy to give away everything in your life tomorrow?

Or are there things in your life that you truly love and would miss if they were taken away from you tomorrow?

Guiding your mind to remember the upsides of the decisions you've made, helps you land at a mindset of more gratitude and contentment.

Sometimes the only "problem" that needs "fixing", is a perception of more gratitude for everything we currently do have.

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