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On "Mum-shaming"

Updated: Mar 17

When you try to speak out against the wide-spread abandonment and neglect of babies who get sleep-trained, so that their sleep-time cries/communication to get their needs met are extinguished...

You're often met with resistance by people saying "don’t judge or shame Mums".

Shame and judgment are important human emotions for governing behaviour, and they ought to be felt by a mum if she is neglecting to meet her baby's needs.

Imagine screaming “stop shaming or judging Hitler, he needs compassion too”, while he was harming people.

Shame and judgment are necessary when people are harming other people... especially when there's a position of power and the person getting harmed is helpless to save themselves.

When you do this, when you defend the people engaging in harmful practise on others and defend against them having to feel shame or judgment, you are enabling harm against our most vulnerable, babies. You’re part of the problem.

We need to give the most vulnerable amongst us, babies, a voice.

Don’t create future mental health issues in a baby, to save a mum now, it’s silly and short sighted.

Get the mum support, get the baby support.

If you think there’s not enough support in the system, contact your local political member and let them know the problem, and that it matters and what change you want to see.

Stop enabling babies to be the scape goats in this.

They are our future, they are vulnerable, they deserve the most compassion and care of anyone.

Do something. The babies can’t.

Abandoning or ignoring the baby should never be an option on the table no matter what.

With care for the babies and our future, Elise Peck Psych Student Infant Mental Heath Activist Certified Results Coach Bestselling Author Former Lawyer Wife & Mumma

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