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Solving The Lack Of Support For Responsive Mamas + Infant Mental Health

So - the evidence is in, the evolutionary history is there: responding to our baby's cries 24/7 is the best practise for infant mental health outcomes into adulthood.

Now what? Well, I recorded a live video with a discussion on the topic, a little dive into my backstory, why I care, plus some solutions to the problem & an offer:

  • The free call discussed is found by clicking here. (note: if a 30min call is not possible to fit in while mothering a little one, please email and we can sort out a text or voice memo exchange instead).

  • The 1on1 support packages for mamas can be found by clicking here.

Babies need protection, love and responsiveness.

Responsive mothers need support and connection. Let's create better outcomes for the most vulnerable amongst us. In doing so, let's create better mental health outcomes and a better future for all. With care & gratitude, Elise Peck Psych Student Infant Mental Heath Activist Certified Results Coach Bestselling Author Former Lawyer Wife & Mumma

P.S. Need more support & connection, so you can give your best to your little ones? 1. Follow me on instagram - it's the place I hang out the most online, speak about infant mental health, share tips to get through responsive mothering and more Click here to follow my instagram account. 2. Claim your free 1on1 Mama Support Call with me - "Free Mama Support Call" - Wish you had more support on your responsive parenting journey? Perhaps you're getting pressure to ignore your baby, or sleep-train it. Perhaps when you tell people you're exhausted, they blame you and lack compassion for your situation because they think you've created it with your parenting choices... Perhaps you just want to connect with someone who has been on a responsive parenting journey and gets it. That's why I'm happy to be able to offer you a FREE 30min 1on1 call with me (limited to 1 per person). Click here to book your free Mama Support Call. 3. Book a 1on1 Coaching Package with me to get the support you need as a Mama - In 2015 I became a mother for the first time and found myself bed-sharing, baby-wearing, breastfeeding for years, and co-regulating my baby both in the daytime and all through the night whenever they needed. I wanted to break generational cycles, and give my babies the best chance at a strong start to life. It was hard, and it was sooooo worth it!!! In 2016, I found myself accidentally life-coaching other new mothers who made contact with me via a doterra essential oils business I was creating. They consistently reported how much speaking with me really helped them get through early motherhood challenges, such as challenges with family, spouses, parenting, personal meaning, health, lifestyle, emotions and more. In 2020, I officially became a certified results coach, and have coached many mothers, for thousands of hours, to feel way more supported, connected and strong. These days, we need to seek the connection and support we need for early motherhood, if we want to do mothering in a way that honours the biological needs of our babies... That's why I'm happy to be able to offer you a variety of 1on1 coaching packages with me, to get you the support, connection and strength you need for early motherhood. Click here to book your 1on1 Mama Coaching Package with me now.