The 1 thing that makes or breaks our dreams

🏆 In order to achieve the “Prize” (goal/vision):

📚 We one thing we need, is to enjoy the process, that creates that Prize.

E.g. 👩🏼‍💼 If you want to become a lawyer, you must fall in love with the process of studying case law, and doing exams…

🌗 or at least learn how to find the meaning, joy & value in that process, to the point where you enjoy engaging in it.

😍 (those who genuinely reading love case law, doing assignments & exams are going to perform the best & have the most endurance & long term consistency though…)

🤨 So, how do you love a process that will lead to an outcome or prize you want?

1️⃣ Identify an outcome you want,

2️⃣ Identify the process that, when engaged in consistently, would most likely compound over time to create that desired outcome

3️⃣ Identify if you genuinely enjoy engaging in that process

4️⃣ If you do, schedule that process in and commit to taking daily action on it

5️⃣ If you don’t enjoy that process and don’t like the idea of committing to engaging in that process daily, then either:

✅ A) spend time, ideally with a coach, linking across how engaging in that process will fulfil your highest values


✅ B) Identify actions you genuinely enjoy engaging in & could commit to daily, and then edit your desired outcome accordingly, to be the one that would likely be created as a result of consistently engaging in those actions that you do love

🏊🏻‍♀️ I.e. if you want to be an Olympic swimmer, but the idea of swimming daily totally repels you, then either

🏊🏻‍♀️ A) identify how swimming daily will allow you to get more of what you truly value (e.g. if your highest value is money, then link the action of swimming to receiving more money)


💃🏻 B) realise that in fact you would be happily able to engage in dancing daily, and could not commit to daily swimming, so then change your goal accordingly to becoming a professional dancer

😍 No matter how much we dream about an outcome, it’s not going to arrive until we start consistently applying a process that creates that outcome.

🏆 It’s about choosing your “hard”, and realise that the “hard” reality of consistent action becomes far more enjoyable when it lines up with what you really enjoy & value.

📈 Commitment & consistency is required for sustainable long-term results…

😊 And it’s much easier to execute that commitment & consistency when we commit to actions that reflect who we really are

1️⃣ Stop believing in or expecting overnight success

2️⃣ Surrender to committing to doing something consistently

3️⃣ Make sure the thing you choose to all in on, commit to & be consistent with, is in alignment with your values (or at a minimum is mentally linked to you getting more of your highest values.

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