The life-changing magic of radical acceptance

“Give it your best, then let go of the rest”

A guide to… 😉everything, is:

❤️ High intention, 🪶 Low attachment. ❤️ Whatever is before you, give it what you’ve got to give… trusting the timing: that this is exactly the moment you’re meant to be having, that you are ready & that your best is enough. 🦋 Then, once you have given that moment your best, let go of the outcome. “letting go”, or “letting be”, or “surrender”, or “sitting with it”, or “acceptance”, or “being neutral to it”, or “easy if it happens, easy if it doesn’t”… ⬆️ whatever you like to call “alignment”… 🤝 That’s a lot of what I work through with 1on1 clients: 1️⃣ One part clarity of vision, 2️⃣ One part identifying the actions to commit to, 3️⃣ One part unblocking resistance to taking those actions, 4️⃣ One part embodies the energy & “surrender” to the outcome. Not always in that order… many people need a significant amount of: 🌥 “unblocking”, ️⛅️ clearing of “resistance”,+ ️🌦 getting to “know thyself”, before: 🌤 clarity of vision, + ☀️committed actions, appears. 🌅 Everyone’s path is unique, just like them. 🌿 The peaceful feeling of: 😌 radical acceptance, 🌤 knowing what you want, ☀️ giving your best to it, and ✨ releasing a white knuckle grip on the outcome… 💫 allowing space for “this, or something better” 🥰 is a lovely feeling to exist in 😌

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