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The most diabolical "conditioning" of adult humans pulled off, ever...

Updated: Mar 17

The way western society has convinced parents to sleep train and leave their babies alone to sleep, and how it has increasingly convinced women to focus on careers over taking some time to nurture their children in the crucial early years, and branding it “empowerment”...

to my mind frankly is similar to how Hitler convinced everyday Germans to send Jews to the gas chambers.

Ordinary people will do terrible things to other humans with enough manipulation, conditioning and persuasion. In this case, people will override their natural instinct to respond to their baby, in favour of getting more “control” and “status” in their life.

Hitler found people’s pain points and gave them solutions. And then they did his bidding… they were ordinary people who became murderers.

Similarly, ordinary people in 30% of the world (in the money focused parts of the world), have been convinced to override their primal instincts when it’s comes to their own babies.

Branding it “mummy guilt” and don’t “mum shame”.

No. Emotions are messengers.

Those feelings are your instincts screaming at you…

But then comes the manipulative campaign- oh ignore those feelings dear, that’s just normal mummy guilt, or some absolute made up rubbish that “babies need to cry alone to develop their lungs” (how anyone ever believed that is astonishing… what a miracle the other 70% of the world can breathe when they have NOT been abandoned to cry )

and now let’s all not judge each other and let’s tell each other we’re all wonderful mothers and in doing so let’s collectively

*enable* this mass delusion, that ignoring a crying baby is fine.

What a diabolical scheme too - we all know that the most tame and easy to control animals are those that had their spirits broken in infancy.

Break their spirits, deny them connection, get them striving for achievement in the desperate hope it may lead to the connection they really need…and get them making money for this capitalist system in doing so.

We are enabling this by believing that every hard thing in life has a short cut and solution to make it more convenient to a lifestyle that enables more money and status.

We need to stop trying to escape hard things with devastating, damaging “solutions”, and instead put in the slow effort and accept the reality that some things just take time and hard work.

There’s more to life than impressing people you don’t even like and spend most your time gossiping about.

And that “more”, is loving and sacrificing for those you have chosen to love.