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The most important factors for long-term love

❓ Want a fulfilling long-term relationship: ❤️ Social Psychology research supports screening potential partners for trust & warmth ➕ And to focus on cultivating those qualities in yourself. ✅ It’s important to be intentional with what you want because if you aren’t, you could get distracted by physical appearance, social status & resources… 🤸🏼‍♀️ Which could make for a fun fling, but those factors aren’t the building blocks for long-term satisfaction. ✅ Social psychology provides that the biggest predictors of positive long-term relationship outcomes are: ❤️ Trust & warmth. Want long-term love satisfaction? Make those things the filter & priority. ❌ Impressive people does not necessarily = connection. But, ✅ Connection does = life satisfaction. ❤️ Want connection? ✅ Social psychology research supports putting warmth & trust, at the top of your dating list.

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