The power of non-resistance

Not everything requires a response.

✨ When people project their inner battle at you, & fall into the scarcity consciousness of being “competitive” or trying to dim the lights of others in an attempt to elevate themselves or make themselves shine brighter…

✨ It really doesn’t require any management or reaction on your part.

❤️ Life is the greatest teacher.

✨ Surrender & hand it over to life.

❤️ We all fall on our own swords, we all fall after we puff ourselves up with pride…

Life doesn’t discriminate, it provides everyone with feedback when they’re elevating themselves too highly & losing touch with humility.

✨ When we realise this… we can feel compassion for those who appear to try to compete with us or put us down.

Let life be their teacher.

❤️ Stay in your lane, focus on your vision, move from a calm mind & keeping doing your thing.

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