The true path to contentment

Any time you perceive a fantasy, it means you’re not currently aware of the downsides.

Inspired by Dr John Demartini’s work, and my personal experience from being part of situations that held up one facade, but hid a nightmare underneath.

There are no fantasies.

If you were to follow around a person who you thinks lives a fantasy for a month, you’d likely decide that you don’t want that fantasy after all… because you would see both sides of the situation & balance your perception.

❌ Wanting a fantasy life, is what leads to life feeling like a nightmare…

And also, the extent to which your inner world is a nightmare, is the extent to which you want your life to be a fantasy…

So that you can escape the nightmare inside.

❤️ The true magic in life is found in:

✨ Self-regulation,

✨ Soothing self-talk,

✨ Real intimacy (with yourself & others),

✨ Living a life in alignment with your values, and

✨ An attitude of gratitude for the magic inherent in the ordinariness of life.

❤️ When you find things that make you feel calm, fulfilled, meaningful & purposeful, and you direct your energy into those things the majority of your time… life becomes a peaceful experience, that you no longer desire to escape from.

🎇 Constantly seeking pleasure or dopamine hits, is a symptom that there is a lack of authentic alignment that you’re trying to run from.

🧠 The mind prioritises what is important over what is pleasurable.

🧠 When we find purpose & meaning, that becomes important, we will focus on that, and no longer be so easily distracted by pleasure.

💡 Find what you truly value, direct energy into that, prioritise your time according to what you actually really enjoy

(which might not necessarily look impressive on the gram: e.g. learning, parenting, sewing, tending to animals etc)

✨ If you spend enough time around people who project a fantasy, you will often notice a pattern of depression & anxiety underneath…

🙃 Yet, we glamourise fantasies such as being famous etc, thinking it will be the magic bullet that saves us from whatever we’re seeking to escape.

❤️ Real contentment comes from real discipline, consistency, courage, alignment, getting very real about who you are, what gives you a sense of meaning, and what makes your mind feel calm & peaceful.

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