The truth about succeeding

🔦 The people that genuinely want to help you thrive, are the ones breaking the fantasies & letting you know that your results will take effort.

🦋 Those that make things look “effortless”, at some point did put in lots of effort.

🦋 The greater the effort, the greater the mastery, the “easier” they make it look.

💡 Some people would prefer that you think they are “special” than admit to the truth that they are human like everyone else & their results took effort & came at a price.

💡 No one defies the laws of the universe or basic psychology that mastery comes from effort & repetition.

✨ Many people & marketing will only show you the upsides, the results, rather than the behind the scenes or admit to all the work that went into that result.

✨ All of this can have you believing in fantasies.

🤩 I saw it a lot in the dancing world… girls that would starve themselves, then make sure the one time they did eat, they made an obvious scene out of it in front of everyone, so that everyone thought they ate heaps and were “naturally” thin… that they were somehow defying the laws of nature, a special species of human…

🙁 but behind the scenes was lots of starvation and/or purging.

😔 The illness had them preferring to have people think they easily got a result than admit to the pain behind the smoke & mirrors.

😔 All of this human behaviour, of trying to keep up a facade out of self-preservation, can have others erroneously believing in fantasies.

😞 Which is dangerous, because believing in fantasies encourages depression & takes you further away from finding the magic in real life.

⚖️ For every upside there is a downside.

⚖️ Everyone has paid a price of admission for their results, some just share that price & some don’t.

It can depend on if connecting or impressing is higher on their values hierarchy, & the degree to which they’re in self-preservation mode.

❤️ So that you can protect your mental health, it’s important to resist believing in illusions & fantasies though.

❤️ Everyone is human & subject to the same laws of the universe.

✨ Find the magic in consistent effort, for that is the true key to real results.

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