What do we really need to be happy?

🙋🏼‍♀️ Any other retired “big dreamers”?

✨ I used to do these lush vision boards with all the luxury things on it.

🥰 Over time, I’ve come to realise how little I truly need to actually be content, and that realisation is liberating:

❤️ 1-5 safe people that I trust, to love

❤️ Quality food + water

❤️ Shelter (safe home)

❤️ Daily movement in nature

❤️ Something to study & learn

❤️ Something to contribute (meaning)

That’s it.

That’s what feels expansive to me now:

➡️ Realising how little it takes to satisfy me (compared to all the things I used to think I needed).

❌ I don’t need a wild amount of money, or a cool car, or fancy holidays, or a super luxury home, or 30 best friends.

🥰 Instead, I now appreciate simple days in my bubble, where I execute 3-5 daily habits that align to my top values, that continue to maintain & grow the life I love.

🥰 No dramatic vision board needed for me this year.

✨ Content with simple.

💡 2-5 meaningful long term goals that my daily habits move me towards everyday.

I mean, how liberating.

Clarity, simplicity…

❤️ The realisation that what you have is enough.

❤️ Your life is enough.

❤️ What you’re doing is enough.

What does your ideal life look like?

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