What is Conscious Parenting?

Have you heard the term "conscious parenting" trending in the parenting, mindset or personal development space?

Have you wondered "what is Conscious Parenting?"

... is it the same or different to peaceful parenting, aware parenting, gentle parenting, attachment parenting... and all the other various flavours of "parenting"?

👉 If I had to sum up conscious parenting in the cleanest way, I would say that it is:

"self-awareness and self-reflection, combined with a willingness to take full responsibility for your experience of parenthood, and a leaning into evolving and growing as a person through the experience of being a parent".

Conscious parenting is a journey of seeing your child as a feedback mechanism, that is here for your spiritual growth, mirroring back where you need to grow.

Conscious parenting is choosing to learn through parenting challenges, rather than blaming your child, controlling your child, seeing your child as something broken that needs "fixing" or moulding your child to meet your own needs.

It is the baseline trust in the perfection of who your child is as a unique individual, and seeing challenges in the parenting journey as an opportunity for YOUR growth and evolution.

Is it the embodiment of growth mindset, through parenting.

Years ago (2017), when I lived in Vaucluse (Sydney, Australia), I was featured over on the "Eastern Suburbs Mum" Blog, where I was asked to provide some "motherly advice". Back in 2017, before I had my second child, here is what I said:

"Motherly advice: I believe motherhood can be the biggest spiritual journey and evolution of your soul, if you allow it to be. Motherhood for me has taught me what it truly means to surrender & accept what is, to let go of expectations, to be present, to embrace the moment for it is so fleeting, to connect with my intuition and trust my baby’s intuition, and to let our mother-child bond, connection and intuition be louder & stronger than outside ‘noise’. My relationship with my child means more to me than what anyone else thinks, so I let that guide me."

The above, for me at that time, was my journey of Conscious Parenting.

I then became pregnant with my second child, and at the prenatal yoga classes I attended during the pregnancy (which were facilitated by SheBirths trained instructors at Dharma Shala North Bondi), one yoga instructor (Tammy) would frequently close her classes by asking us to repeat this statement to our unborn child(ren) in-utero:

“Nothing you become will disappoint me; I have no preconception that I'd like to see you be or do. I have no desire to forsee you, only to discover you. You can't disappoint me” ― Mary Haskell

✨ I get tingles still when I read that... do you?

That statement also very much speaks to the foundation of conscious parenting, which is this: your child isn't broken, they don't need fixing or moulding... rather, your child is your greatest teacher, here to evolve YOU.

Your child will become and mirror what you are, and, so, the greatest legacy or impact you will ever have on your child is WHO you are.

🙋‍♀️ Give me an internal "yes" if you've ever noticed you have similar insecurities or mindset blocks (i.e. limiting thoughts & beliefs around, for example, wealth) as your parents?!

Or ever seen a pattern continually cycle through a family line for generations? For example, a family where every woman struggles with finding a committed, loyal partner? Yet that same cycle isn't happening in other family lines?

🙋‍♀️ Give me an energetic "yes" if this is landing with you - I can't see you, but I can feel you 😘

❤️ The greatest gift you can ever give your child is your own growth, evolution, alignment, self-acceptance and embodied self-love. Your up-levelling and personal growth, will permeate out and become their mindset on a given topic.

YOU can be the "cycle breaker" that creates a new, up-levelled trajectory for your family line.

How cool is that?

💰Ever heard the wealth mindset concept that if you want to be wealthy, then you ought to spend time around wealthy people?

✨Because mindset seems to almost transfer by osmosis?

💡Or that you become the sum of the people you spend the most time with?

Well, your children are surrounded by YOU!

WHO you are is shaping who your children will become.

❤️ In addition, your own true internal self-acceptance will mirror out into your external world, where you will be better able to accept ALL of your children too. The journey to embodying this often takes quite a bit of inner work: which is so much easier, effective and efficient with me as your personal coach on this journey.

💡Think about it... the last time you acted in a regrettable way as a parent, what insecurity in you had been triggered? What fearful outcome were you trying to avoid?

We've got to get in there and address those "buttons" that activate the "unconscious mama reacting in regrettable ways" program.

💔 Most of our regrettable parenting comes about when we "unconsciously" react from a deep insecurity, fear or unaccepted part of ourselves.

🔥 Can't stand or suppress your own anger? No doubt your child expressing their anger triggers the @*&% out of you too.

🔦Our children will constantly push the buttons of our insecurities and fears, to shine the light on where we need to do some inner up-levelling... so that we can break the cycle, and not pass that same insecurity, fear and mal-adaptive behaviour to our children. So that they can live far more freely, and spend the bulk of their energy on creativity and value creation 🦋

✨In this way, conscious parenting is about realising that your child is raising you spiritually, while you are raising them physically.

The spiritual work of conscious parenting, is inner work. It is addressing the trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, inner conflicts and broken thought patterns that block us from unconditionally loving ourselves.

💔 When we don't unconditionally love ourselves, what happens is we look to our children to fill the voids of our unmet needs (i.e. the places we don't love or haven't empowered in ourselves).

💔 We're unable to love the parts of our children that we don't love in ourselves, and we're unable to let our children be free to be themselves because we look to them to soothe our insecurities. To break this cycle, so that we can truly and unconditionally love our children (as every child deserves)... a journey of inner healing and conscious parenting is in order.

More in depth insights regarding what Conscious Parenting actually is, are outlined in Dr Shefali Tsabary's books. Dr Shefali believes that without parenting in a conscious way, we will instead shape our children to meet our fantasies (which requires our children abandoning who they truly are and perhaps never finding their true path of alignment and true zone of genius).

❌ We block our children's natural genius and the most authentic expression of who they are, through our own lack of healing and consciousness.

❤️ This is why conscious parenting is crucial to raising children who feel so supported and loved for who they truly are, so that they can soar in their unique zone of genius (which will allow them to live a life of purpose, meaning, self-love and satisfaction).

That's why I love helping mothers to Become The Calm, Conscious Parent they truly want to be.

🔐 The secret to unlocking this result is the following 4 keys:

  1. Revealing

  2. Rewiring

  3. Releasing

  4. Receiving

🔑 Those 4 keys are the most effective pathway to embodied Conscious Parenting (and, to embodied Feminine Energy! Bonus side effect!) - so that you can show up as a person and parent you feel proud of.

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🤔And who am I to be making these bold claims and running this free live zoom event?

I'm Elise Peck, founder of The Calmer Mama Method, certified life coach, post-grad psychology student, bestselling author, former lawyer, wife, and mother of 2.

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