What to do when people are dominating you

The price of admission to feeling true belonging, to building authentic deep connection, to feeling seen, heard & understood, to self-love… is:

the courage to be disliked

Your boundaries, self-respect & truth might get unwanted reactions from people who love to dominate others…

and getting ok with dominating personalities feeling that way and being upset with you, is the price of admission to living an authentic, meaningful life.

That courage, to feel the fear of people being upset with you, and doing what is true for you anyway, comes from self-trust.

Trusting that, no matter what, you’ve got your own back, you are resourceful, you are powerful, you are resilient and you will find a way to make life work… even if dominating, controlling people are upset with you.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the worst case scenario that could eventuate from this person being upset with me?

  • What’s the worst that could happen?

  • What are you really scared of?

Then do the inner work* to come to a place where you realise you could absolutely handle that outcome…

better yet,

  • ask yourself how that worst case scenario might actually benefit you?

When you become neutral to the outcomes you currently fear, people have significantly less ability to scare you into abandoning yourself and your needs, to meet their unreasonable ones.

All is within.

It’s not about preventing the branch from breaking… it’s about learning to trust in your ability to fly even if everything was to fall apart.

May your decisions reflect a towards what I DO want” focus… rather than an “away from what I fear or want to avoid” focus.

Keep your head toward the sun, focus on where you’re going, and have a “why” that’s so big & meaningful that it gives you the courage to be disliked.

You might just find that the more you trust yourself to create the life you do want, no matter what... and the more you take bold actions in the direction of the life you'd love to create...

the more life tends to bring additional support to you.

*For support with doing the above-mentioned “inner work” you might like to book a free call with me to find out about my 1on1 coaching. Book your free discovery call by clicking here.

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