Why are most celebrities on antidepressants?

"I used to get complimented "wow, you're like the only pop star not on antidepressants""

- Meghan Trainor (in an interview with Jay Shetty).

These words stopped me during my instagram scroll today, as I came across a reel where Meghan Trainor was sharing her journey of going on anti-depressants with Jay Shetty.

The only pop star not on anti-depressants.

Those words stuck in my head.

It seemed like a mystery that just has to be solved, right?

If there's such a consistent pattern, there's got to be a consistent problem.


Do you think that too? Or is that just the personal development / mindset / coaching / human behaviour junkie in me that latched onto those words?

As I tried to move on and make myself some lunch, I found my mind contemplating the following thoughts:

"Hmm... Perhaps this conundrum relates to Dr John Demartini's wisdom that:

  • the extent to which we desire a fantasy is the extent to which we're living a nightmare? ; and

  • the extent to which we perceive a fantasy, is the extent to which we are blind to a hidden nightmare; and

  • everything in life is essentially neutral.. so if we attempt to polarise ourselves into living a fantasy, life will balance that out with nightmare events seeking to bring us back to neutral."

Can we achieve a "fantasy" outcome, or is the price for a "fantasy outcome", an equal, matching nightmare?

If that's correct, and we are going to have a "neutral" experience no matter what... what next then? Why strive for anything if we can't change from neutral?

Who wants to manifests anything good if it will come with a matching, complimentary nightmare? Is what I was contemplating...

More contemplation:

Is the key that we ought to find an outcome that it is worth paying the price for?

  • I.e. some "fantasy" that is worth the nightmare?

  • For example, years ago I read a book whilst on holiday in the Greek Islands, circa 2008, it was called "Tan Lines" from memory, and essentially followed the lives of high end escorts. Sex workers for highly famous or royalty or high net worth individuals. Some of their experiences were "fantastical"... super luxurious, and they were paid fantasy salaries.... but there was, indeed, a complimentary nightmare that accompanied it. They were not allowed any true love relationship in their personal life. Not allowed to date, couple up, get married, have babies or to even free themselves from the industry. They were a slave to the next gig. Some of the acts and role plays they had to perform were nothing short of terrifying. Yet, they were living this fantasy, luxury, affluent lifestyle... walking through an airport or hotel they would've looked like they "had it made", yet under the surface, they were living a nightmare. Would that "fantasy" life be worth the required "nightmare" for some people, perhaps? Is that what is going on with celebrities... are they living a nightmare, but the fantasy is "worth it" to them, so they just get on antidepressants and carry on?

  • The above story of high end escorts, is similar in some ways to Britney Spears. Fame, glory, finances, admiration on the surface... under that, a slave trapped in her own life for years.

  • I was even listening to a podcast the other day by Mindvalley (the largest ed-tech company, teaching human transformation), where the co-founder and CEO, Vishen Lakhiani, discussed how he manages a tendency towards depression too... The company is has created certainly looks like a fantasy outcome from the outside...

  • Even if you think of Billionaires Jon & Missy Butcher, founders of "LifeBook", although they share & promote how they have an exceptional life across all key 13 categories of life... they do also share that they both have a tendency towards addiction & need to remain vigilant and mindful not to succumb to it... Addiction is often an expression of underlying depression. The addiction can be a coping mechanism whereby people get "addicted" to things that will help them to lift their neurotransmitters out of the lower states felt in depression... usually addiction is seeking "dopamine": reward, excitement... i.e. a "lift" in energy.

This is quite a common theme amongst people who have achieved exceptional outcomes in their lives.

There seems to be an association with exceptional achievement, genius, and a dance with depression and/or addiction.

Robin Williams & Michael Jackson might also be coming to mind at this point.

It really gets you thinking, doesn't it?

Is it indeed a case of "be careful what you wish for", and be mindful not to seek to polarise yourself into a "fantasy" result?

If we do decide to, consequently, stop "dreaming big" and instead seek "neutral"...

what next?

And is there anyone that has achieved the fantasy without the nightmare?

So - what is the answer then?

Well the couple of answers I suspect could provide some breadcrumbs for us to contemplate are this:

  • "Connection" has been shown to decrease lab rats addiction to addictive drugs.

  • The Harvard Grant Longitudinal Study Concluded that Happiness = Love. That essentially, those that are the most satisfied with their lives are those that had the most satisfying "connection" or relationships in their lives.

  • That "meaning" and "fantasy" are two very different outcomes. For example those that survived the holocaust and credit their survival to the ability to find the "meaning" in the hell they were living... they had meaning, and certainly not a fantasy... yet say they managed to find laughs, and joy even in the depths of hell... which, when you listen closely, usually came through their bonds and connections with others.

All of this has me considering, that perhaps the answer to a life that feels well, and satisfyingly neutral, is one where you experience consistent sensations of "meaning" and "connection".

The tricky thing is that real, satisfying, authentic connections takes a certain skill-set, attitude & intentional effort to acquire (if you didn't inherit a great blueprint for creating lasting, deeply satisfying relationships), as does uncovering true meaning.

Meaning & creating satisfying Connections is something I regularly coach clients through... so, I certainly witness that it is very possible to generate satisfying connection and meaning in your life.

Is it time to create true meaning & satisfying connection in your life?

Book a free strategy call with me now to discuss.

Also - I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts, musings, contemplations & insights on why you think most pop-stars are on anti-depressants? Join the conversation in the comments section below.

With gratitude,

Elise Peck

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