Why care about Secure Attachment?

Updated: Nov 23

Adam Lane Smith, is an attachment specialist, who studied psychology for 6yrs, became a psychotherapist, worked for years on the hardest cases to heal people’s attachment styles (and, therefore, their ability connect with others)…

then retired from psychotherapy so that he could have a wider impact and help more people worldwide to heal their attachment.

Here's a snippet of his wisdom captured during episode 29 of my podcast, "Love, with Elise Peck":

His course to both heal and boost your attachment, “Attachment Bootcamp” is currently on a 50% off flash sale (until midnight 7th October).

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🙈I realise I am blasting this sale out (my instagram account is bursting with content promoting this course!!)

Here’s the thing

before I met my husband, I was disorganised attachment style.. which is brutal, it’s both avoidant and anxious.. you just flip between the two. Perhaps you have lots of friends and are surrounded by people (or not), but truly you feel lonely and none of those connections actually feel truly safe. Trust is very low. You likely feel like you need to watch your back, overthink the hidden meaning in what people are trying to indirectly communicate to you, struggle to stay grounded in reality when you're constantly being invalidated or gaslit, keep your cards close, and/or hide parts of yourself.

Somehow (well, we all know I credit it to surrender & alignment 😘) I met my husband in 2006, felt super safe with him… and being loved by someone who consistently never showed signs of intentionally trying to hurt, harm, upset or disadvantage me for 9yrs, was very healing and I was getting more and more secure in our attachment… Though, I was still struggling a lot to feel psychologically safe at work etc, and often ran myself into the ground trying to win the approval of employers etc..

I then had babies in 2015 and 2017… which disrupted the bond with my husband, and I was surrounded by people but my attachment style had me feeling utterly lonely and psychologically unsafe… I hit a rock bottom in 2018.

From that time onwards, I’ve been on a journey to more & more secure attachment… and a psychologist in 2020, told me that I had successfully created secure attachment with my husband.

Since then, I’ve been wanting to boost my secure attachment even more after noticing I still attract manipulative people.

This course with Adam, "Attachment Bootcamp" is the solution. I have purchased it myself and am consuming it of an evening on the couch with my husband as we further deepen our understanding of secure attachment.

The course is phenomenal. Honestly, it has the potential to revolutionise the world if enough people get on it.

Hence, my passion and why I am blasting this flash sale out.

I can truly get on a board a mission to bring the world wayyyyy more securely attached relationships. That's a world I want to be part of.

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With love & belief in you.

Elise Peck

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