You can get bitter, or you can get better

I've never seen the blame-game get someone satisfying love in their life.

The thing that stuffs up relationships most is: expectations.

When we decide who other people need to be in our lives, in order for us to accept them...

...then, when they don't live into our expectations, we get bitter, we blame, we shame, we try to make them feel guilty... all because they didn't meet our needs and live into our expectations.

The thing is, that bitterness and blame is the hardest on us.

We carry that around in our energy... getting our sense of significance by telling those around us of how X person did X, Y, Z to us... making the other person seem "wrong" so that we can feel righteous and good.

This only creates more disconnection in our lives... as we fail to realise that no one is trying to harm us, rather everyone is just trying to get their own needs met.

It's truly not personal... and the wisdom is not to keep trying to squeeze what we want out of others, but to instead release our expectations.

Less expecting. More accepting.

Real love feels like freedom.

If we actually love people, our love will allow them to feel free,

and... paradoxically, that feeling of being accepted and free to be who they are, will likely keep them coming back to us.

Once we accept others or a situation as it is, now we can move forward and get our needs met where they're available to get met...

But we will never move forward and create something even better, if we're too busy being bitter.

2 people can endure the same circumstance, and 1 can get destroyed due to it, and the other can thrive due to it.

One person decided to get bitter, the other decided to get better.

The key is in controlling your mind.

Instead of ruminating on what you didn't want... instead ask, ok, well what do I want now? And how many ways can I begin creating even more of what I do want?

Someone rejected you? How many ways can you create even more feelings of being accepted?

Someone didn't love you back? How many ways can you create more love in your life?

Someone took space from you? How many ways can you create even more connection in your life?

You are in control of what you create in this life.

You can get bitter, or you can get better.

Your power is in the way you direct your mind, with the questions you ask it.

What do you want to create? Bitterness, or a better future?

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