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Want to know the smartest way to get the love you want? Learn how at…

"4 Ingredients To Get A Secure & Satisfying Marriage"

 The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Get
The Love You Want...



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Who Is This Event For?

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#1: You want more love

You're either single or coupled up/married people, and you want more out of your love life. You crave deeper connection, more satisfying intimacy and a secure, lasting love. 

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#2: You want, value &

believe in long-term marriage

Deep down, you long to be happily married for the rest of your life.

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#3: You want a long-term, committed, enduring, satisfying, deep love


When you consider your life at 80yrs of age, you hope you're still deeply in love with and married to your best-friend & life partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn Directly From The Creator Of
The Love Elixir


Elise Peck is a Bestselling Author, Certified Results Coach, experienced Love Coach & Marriage Mentor, Creator of

"The Love Elixir", Creator of the "Love, with Elise Peck" Podcast, has studied post-graduate Psychology, is a Wife (16+ years together), Mother of 2, and former Lawyer, living in Sydney, Australia. 

Having completed thousands of 1on1 hours with coaching clients from around the world to create incredible results in their lives, Elise is most passionate about helping you to get the Secure & Satisfying Marriage you want. 

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Here's What Elise's Clients Have To Say...

"I felt something was missing in my relationship with my husband and that it was up to me to release my blocks that stop me from allowing love in and feeling the beauty and joy of my feminine flow. Elise is a true visionary in helping women reclaim their feminine energy and power. I was drawn to working with her because I felt imbalanced and out of touch with my femininity. In working with Elise, she has helped me release old traumas and patterns that I have walled myself with in order to feel safe. But she so aptly showed me that my walled safety was actually keeping me very unsafe and the price was very high to hold onto this old pattern. I am now falling in love again with the joy of feeling feminine, and the calm, centered flow that happens when I get out of my head and into my body's wisdom. Elise has been a godsend and I am grateful I choose to work with her.. It is thrilling to discover what pleasure my feminine energy can create in all areas of my life. I am transforming into the woman I desire to be and this is a gift I am giving myself that is priceless. Thank you Elise."

- Carol, LA, USA

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"I am less reactive to emotional triggers and this has been reduced by 80%. The few occasions that I had triggers, I could sit and embrace myself for that moment and not lose myself. Kindness, love, power follow afterwards towards myself. My outlook has changed so much that I have gained more self love, trust and acceptance of myself. This in return gives me more confidence and power in what I do- career and relationships. I feel good about myself that I can look at challenges with appreciation and greater wisdom! I found clarity of what I value and my purpose. I am so grateful for my journey with Elise. You have the genuine love and intention to dig deeper and know the person I am and align the broken parts of me to make myself whole again. I always had the best result in every week of my one on one coaching with you... each week, you peel a layer to uncover the goodness in me. I could not ask for more. You have changed me and the course of my life.

If I had to describe Elise's coaching in 1 word or phrase it would be: Life-changing!

I am so grateful and will always have the wisdom learned in my heart and life."

- Vicki, Sydney, Australia

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- Jenn, Boston, USA

4 Ingredients To Get A
Secure & Satisfying Marriage

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