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Who Is This Call For?

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#1: You're feeling frustrated with

your life

You're feeling frustrated, stuck or disappointed with your life. You're over being stuck in painful cycles.


#2: You have growth mindset 

and enjoy personal development

You find it satisfying to witness yourself growing, evolving, transforming and achieving new goals. 

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#3: You're a believer in, curious about or open to learning more about manifesting and the law of attraction


Perhaps you've watched "The Secret", listened to Abraham Hicks, tried some healing modalities, or perhaps you haven't but you're open to learning more. 

  • Why does Elise offer these Free Coaching Calls?
    Since 2006, nearly everyone who spends time with Elise finds themselves drawn to her insights on attracting and maintaining love, or simply marvelling at her seeming "luck" in love. In early 2020, despite her previous focus on coaching individuals to launch small businesses and generally love their life more, she felt a calling to share her wisdom on mastering romantic relationships more openly via social media. To her surprise, the response was nothing short of remarkable, affirming that this is truly her area of expertise. In May 2020, after obtaining certification as a results coach, Elise swiftly began attracting a steady stream of clients seeking her guidance in manifesting the love they desire. The results they achieved were nothing short of astonishing! Clients reported a deluge of romantic opportunities, discovering new depths of intimacy with partners they hadn't known existed, experiencing transformative shifts in existing relationships, and even encountering previously unimagined levels of pleasure. From conscious uncoupling, healing heartbreak, coupling up to enjoying fulfilling romantic experiences, and in some cases, getting engaged and married, Elise's clients have witnessed the love they want unfold before their very eyes. One particularly memorable client story involves embarking on three honeymoons within the first year of marriage! Since May 2020, Elise has been coaching clients one-on-one, amassing thousands of hours and incredible results in the process. And now, she's generously offering these Free Coaching Calls to extend her support to even more individuals seeking to attain the love they desire. So, get ready for an unforgettable journey as Elise guides you toward the love you've always dreamed of. And as an added bonus, there's often plenty of fun along the way!
  • Will this call be worth my time?
    Of course! This free 1on1 Coaching Call is based on what's working right now for people seeking love in Australia, America and around the world. Elise is a leading manifestation coach, who has empowered countless individuals to manifest the love they desire, transforming their lives profoundly. Through her unique blend of expertise in mindset, manifestation, coaching, psychology, and personal experiences, she has guided clients to unlock their true potential and attract deep, soulful connections. As an international bestselling co-author of "Elevate Your Energy" and a former lawyer, her insights into the dynamics of love and the law of attraction are unparalleled. By harnessing the power of informed intention, authentic alignment, surrendered communication and experienced support, Elise has witnessed firsthand how love can be manifested and upgraded amidst life's chaos and imperfections. Her approach is not just about finding love; it's about cultivating lasting, meaningful connections that nourish the soul. If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey towards upgrading the love you want, we invite you to secure your free spot to Elise's free coaching call now. Together, you'll explore how to conquer obstacles, align with your true desires, and pave the way for profound connections that last a lifetime. Love is within reach, and Elise is here to guide you every step of the way. (Note: This is not boring theory you have heard before or one big sales pitch. You will get massive value and gain valuable skills & knowledge throughout the call)
  • Is it REALLY Free? Why?
    Yes, because we use the "Freemium" marketing method. Like Google and many companies these days, we deliver great value for FREE and a small % of people decide to go deeper with our premium, paid services. As a love manifestation coach, naturally Elise has 1on1 love coaching packages and online programs available, however, it’s up to you if you’d like to consider getting the premium experience. During the call, Elise will spend up to just 5 minutes explaining paid options, the rest of the up to 30min event is packed with bespoke insights, breakthroughs, revelations, epiphanies and practical steps you can use right away.
  • What's the youngest or oldest age for people to attend?
    Elise has had +70-year-old "empty nesters" with adult children and in +38-year-marriages/relationships come to her free live events & receive her coaching to breakthrough results. The youngest age allowed to attend is 21 years due to the nature of the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn Directly From Leading 
Manifestation Life Coach - Elise Peck


Microsoft Start & Business Insider Declare Elise Peck's Life Coaching Methodologies as Visionary, Innovative, Transformative & Pioneering. 

Elise Peck is a leading love manifestation coach, renowned for empowering countless individuals to transform their love lives profoundly.


With a unique blend of expertise in mindset, manifestation, the law of attraction, coaching, romantic love, and social psychology, Elise helps clients unlock their love potential, release connections that no longer serve them, and attract fulfilling relationships.

Recognized by Microsoft Start as the Best Love Manifestation Coach and featured by Business Insider as a transformative and pioneering figure, Elise employs visionary methodologies to elevate love lives through personal growth and self-love.

Elise is also a #1 bestselling co-author of Elevate Your Energy, where her chapter "The Law on Love" highlights her transition from a lawyer to a love-life coach. Her approach, centered on the 5 C's—clarity, commitment, compassion, communication, and cherishing—has yielded remarkable results, evidenced by numerous success stories and testimonials.

Her coaching is not just about finding love; it's about healing from past hurts, upgrading your inner world, and cultivating deep self-love and self-trust. Elise's methods show that you can manifest the love you desire amidst life's chaos and imperfections.

Ready for a transformative journey towards peace, flow, love, and satisfying connection? Book your free initial call now.


Elise is here to support you every step of the way as you conquer obstacles, heal from the past, align with your true desires, and pave the path to profound connections and a deep sense of wholeness and contentment.

Here's What Elise's Clients Have To Say...

"I felt something was missing in my relationship with my husband and that it was up to me to release my blocks that stop me from allowing love in and feeling the beauty and joy of my feminine flow. Elise is a true visionary in helping women reclaim their feminine energy and power. I was drawn to working with her because I felt imbalanced and out of touch with my femininity. In working with Elise, she has helped me release old traumas and patterns that I have walled myself with in order to feel safe. But she so aptly showed me that my walled safety was actually keeping me very unsafe and the price was very high to hold onto this old pattern. I am now falling in love again with the joy of feeling feminine, and the calm, centered flow that happens when I get out of my head and into my body's wisdom. Elise has been a godsend and I am grateful I choose to work with her.. It is thrilling to discover what pleasure my feminine energy can create in all areas of my life. I am transforming into the woman I desire to be and this is a gift I am giving myself that is priceless. Thank you Elise."

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- Carol, LA, USA

- Jenn,Boston, USA
- Aness, Sydney, Australia 
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