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Meet Elise



I love supporting people to get the love they want!

I'm a certified results coach, certified integrative health practitioner, international bestselling author, podcast creator and host of: "Love, with Elise Peck", wife, mother and former lawyer living in Sydney, Australia with my beautiful little family (husband, two children and cavoodle dog).

Having completed thousands of 1on1 hours with coaching clients from around the world to create incredible results in their lives, I'm most passionate about supporting you to experience satisfying connection, live a life true to who you really are and to unleash your true power and potential. 

What's coaching with me like?

Some coaching sessions might feel like a warm hug for the soul, whereas other sessions will light a fire and inspire you to take bold action towards your dreams. 

Coaching is powerful in supporting people to get the results they want in life, and to behave in adaptive and functional ways in the world. 

Past clients have shared that I am easy to talk to and down to earth, "like talking to a friend who you feel safe with and trust". 


I like to think that you will feel very comfortable bringing your whole self to our calls. I am warm, present, curious and straightforward. I will ask you lots of questions, and sometimes we will do closed eye processes that can last anywhere from 10mins - 45mins. Although I have many tools up my sleeve, I only use them if and when needed. Sometimes calls are purely conversational. 

Coaching is about shining a light on your inner wisdom and personal values, to uncover your personalised solutions. 

We may also discuss diet and lifestyle. Optimal diet and lifestyle can have a significant impact on your nervous system, supporting it to produce a calm, positive mood and clear thinking.

While I will do a lot of listening, the focus for coaching is on allowing you to create the life you do want, going forward. If the same stories appear to be cycling without progress, I will interrupt my listening to help you break the cycle and focus on moving forward. 

Who is my Coaching for?

My coaching is best suited to high-functioning, high-achieving adults, who are seeking to feel seen, heard, understood, supported and empowered. My coaching is not intended for people under the age of 18 years, however it can be a great support for parents experiencing struggles with children under the age of 18 years. 


Who is my Coaching not for?

My coaching is not to be construed in any way as psychotherapy, psychology sessions, crisis counselling or counselling. If you are currently experiencing mental health challenges, please see your doctor for a referral to a psychologist or other relevant professional. Once working with your registered psychologist, please seek their approval before adding on coaching with me. 


I do work with many clients who are also seeing a psychologist and who are taking prescribed medication - however, I only do this with the approval of their official healthcare providers. Coaching can be a wonderful addition to a health care management plan, just as personal training, health coaching, business coaching, career coaching and other services can be. 


I don't work with people experiencing psychosis, personality disorders, schizophrenia, or suicidal intentions/ideations, as these require management with expert registered and clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and crisis counsellors. 


If you need urgent support, please contact a crisis helpline such as LifeLine Australia, BeyondBlue, 1800respect etc. 


If during our calls I feel that your needs are beyond the scope of coaching and require support from a psychologist or other professional, I will need to cease our coaching arrangement immediately and advise that you contact a doctor and/or call a crisis helpline ASAP. In this instance, I will refund you for any remaining calls that you have paid for but haven't yet received. 


How do the sessions work?

All coaching calls are conducted via Zoom voice call, only using our voices (we keep the screens off). I have found removing most of the senses (i.e. visual screen) and just having our voices, facilitates the best sharing and breakthroughs. I service clients all over the world and have found Zoom to provide the best sound quality and consistency worldwide. 


Bookings are made through my website by:

  1. selecting a Package (the starting point for almost all new clients is "The Love Elixir" 8 week coaching package),

  2. purchasing your chosen package,

  3. then booking in your chosen number of coaching calls via the Book Now tab. 


Once booked into a coaching package, please make and edit your coaching call bookings through the "Book Now" tab on the website. 


If you can't find suitable times to book in calls with me, please email me at: to discuss. I accommodate many different time zones frequently. 


Some clients prefer to reserve the same set times each week or fortnight (depending on their package). I have found that this consistency works very well. 


Coaching calls are 60mins in length. I recommend allowing 15-20mins for the call to go overtime, as I often do go overtime with clients. I allow 90mins in my schedule for a 60min client call to accomodate this. The aim is 60mins, however if we are in the midst of a closed eye process that is taking longer to extract your inner wisdom, then I will continue over the 60min up to 90mins (at which point I will need to end the call). 


You will rarely receive email notes from me after our sessions. I prefer to be very present and focused on delivering you results during our sessions, rather than on taking extensive notes. The "work" is done during ours sessions, and we will know that it's "working" by what happens outside the session - i.e. how you respond differently, take new actions, move projects forward etc. I will only email notes on the rare occasion that seems truly necessary for you to move forward after the session. If you feel you want to remember everything from the session, you can choose for me to record the sessions via zoom and then send you the audio. This is preferable to you spending your time taking extensive notes, as I would prefer you to be "present" and experiencing the session, rather than documenting it. 


How many sessions will you need?

There's no simple answer to this question because it depends on the nature of your issues and goals, your personality type, your attachment style, and how much you have already done prior to coming to coaching sessions. 


For example, some people turn up to coaching sessions with me after +20yrs of extensive personal development and therapy journeys, whereas for some people this is the first time they've ever decided to work on themselves instead of only pointing the finger at external circumstances and other people.


Occasionally a client moves on happily after 2 very productive problem-solving sessions. Most clients, however, work with me for at least 3 months, with many up to a year and beyond. 

I've found there's often a turning point between 6-9 months where it feels like incredible progress and transformation has been made, and it would be a good time for the client to take a break or move on from our coaching to digest, integrate and sit with the transformation. 

Some clients, at this turning point, instead of moving on or taking a break, simply decide to reduce their package from a few sessions per week (unlimited package) or from one session per week (gold package), to just one call per fortnight (silver package). 

For more information on my various coaching packages, please book a free discovery call with me, and/or look under the "Packages" tab. My recommended package for most new clients is "The Love Elixir" package. 

Beyond, "The Love Elixir" which is an 8 week coaching pathway, my coaching packages are otherwise monthly, ranging from 2 calls per month up to unlimited calls (approx. 3 calls per week with additional support outside of calls). 

Clients on a monthly package, can choose not to continue onto another month at the end of any given month with no questions asked. 

You can see me for a range of things, including:

  • To love yourself and your life more... and to attract more love from others

  • To feel calmer and more peaceful

  • To feel supported in reaching your goals

  • To understand yourself better

  • To clarify your life goals and take action towards them

  • To build confidence

  • To solve practical problems in life or work

  • To resolve relationship challenges

  • To improve clarity 

  • To feel part of a team

  • To have someone to declutter your mind with


Click here to Book Now.

Meet Elise: About

Want to Glow with Wellness?

When I'm out & about, I'm frequently asked about my wellness routine, and often receive compliments on my skin...

So, just in case you've also been wondering, I've been using the EquiLife products created by Dr Stephen Cabral since 2018... I'm now a raving fan and loyal longterm customer.


You can find out more here. I'm all about the Daily Nutritional Support powder.

That's a staple in my life now.

I've also recorded a podcast episode (#26) with more information in relation to my personal health transformation and glow up. I share exactly what I did to take my personal wellbeing from zero to hero. You can listen to that podcast episode here.

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